Truth in Advance with Stephanie Lee | A Free Inspiration Video

I recently asked Stephanie Lee to be a part of the free Rhythms + Rituals | Finding Intentional Stillness During The In-Between. When her video came in and I was watching it for the first time, I had tears streaming down my face. Her gift of art, words and expressing emotion in whatever she does is one of her many gifts. Her video became a highlight of the whole course and the private messages I received about the impact her video had on them was so overwhelming that I knew I needed to share it outside of the course so more could connect with the beauty she created.

I had asked her to share how she is able to find rest and stillness during the in-between stages of life. This is what she said…



You can listen to my interview with Stephanie Lee HERE.




You can find more about Stephanie Lee HERE.




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  1. Cheryl Simpson

    Thank you Stephanie for sharing your faith! Your words have inspired me! So powerful!

  2. Jennifer Gilliam

    This was my favorite video in Rhythms and Rituals! I enjoyed them all but this one really hit home with me!

  3. Soft Imperfection

    Hello Stephanie,

    Thank you! THANK YOU! I was a part of Jeanne’s Rhythms & Rituals. Therefore, I was able to view your video then. In truth, I was so impacted during my first viewing, I too began my new beautiful practice of writing in my journal with faith and truth. Already, it has become so important to my heart; so validating to my soul. Through my study of God’s word, I know peace is there being given and gently handed to me. I am ever grateful for these treasured and endless gifts. Whilst, I loved each of the sessions in Rhythms & Rituals, I personally only shared 3 sessions with my husband, Brian. Yours was one of them……

    Wishing you a beautiful Wednesday and rest of your week.

    Taylor Donaldson

  4. Jodene Shaw

    Oh, I loved this, Stephanie. Thank you for sharing your rhythms of faith. I also find a pen and paper to be the greatest tool in prayer and processing.

  5. Julie B

    Wow, your relationship with God is amazing! I like that you find strength and hope and don’t complain when journaling…a refreshing outlook on life. The fact that you have found such incredible words to explain this feeling is beyond me. This makes me very happy. Thank you.

  6. Susan Smail

    Let me preface by saying: I am not an emotional person. But THIS! I needed to hear this! Right now and in just this way! I am *deeply* moved by your words, Stephanie, and they have been a shining light in a shadow filled path for me. Thank you both, Jeanne and Stephanie, for sharing….I look forward to learning more from both of you and the other artists included in the Rythmns + Rituals offering.

  7. ANNE R.

    This is so wonderful.

    I got my journal out and paused the video again and again to write down the thoughts I didn’t want to forget.

  8. Lisa Clemmer

    So incredibly beautiful and touching! Thanks SO much for sharing your heart!

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