We Would Like To Give Away One Spot To Our SOLD OUT Workshop! {Our Way To Say Thank You}


How do we celebrate and say “thank you” all at once?

Our upcoming workshop in our new studio is SOLD OUT (thank you, thank you) and we want to celebrate that but also give a gift to one of you.

We know that it is a luxury to be able to go to a retreat. It is the sacrifice of time and resources to give yourself the gift of an art retreat.

We also feel like this studio, home and land has been such an extravagant gift to us and we want to share it.

We want to give one person the gift of our two day workshop. This will be two days of creating, exploring, unraveling your own story, learning new techniques, beautiful and healthy foods, time with other creatives and the time to go off and be still on our land.



If you or someone you know could use this gift please email us at contact@jeanneoliverdesigns.com and tell us a little bit about the person you would like to see win this two day workshop on our new property.

This workshop is open to teenagers and older. If you know of someone that needs to be blessed with two days of creativity and exploring the story they have inside of them we would love to hear about them.

This is for the workshop only ( $495 value) and does not include airfare, lodging, car rental etc.

If you are interested in being on the wait list for the retreat please email us at contact@jeanneoliverdesigns.com.


We will contact the winner of the two day art workshop by March 24, 2016.

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  1. Dottee Odom

    Nothing could be more uplifting than spending 2 days with Jeanne at her studio in Colorado!!

  2. Marianne G

    Thank you for the chance to win…I am working on several of your online courses and to attend one in person would be fabulous!!

  3. chasity

    oh my goodness….
    this would make the best birthday present EVER to come and spend time making art with you.
    yes, please!

  4. Veronica Roth

    Oh my goodness, I’ve watched and read and hoped for your big transition to your new house and it’s so wonderful to see your dreams come true. I’ve also enjoyed the on-line course so very much. It’s the first live course I’ve taken and it’s been wonderful to spread the word and show off work and get feedback. And it would be so very special to meet you do the course int he most live way possible.

  5. Frannie

    oh be still my fluttering heart .. well .. not TOTALLY STILL! but it is all a flutter even with the chance of winning this wonderfully fun art retreat .. posting here .. but i think you also said to ‘e-mail’ you .. sooooo .. i shall surely do that also! I live in the toledo, ohio area .. and have been so wanting to take ‘in-person’ art classes for ever so long! soooo .. please toss my name in the basket too. and i want to tell you how much i appreciate all the ART you bring to us who have brightly-colored-fluttering-hearts in our workshops! xo, Frannie

  6. Sandra maxwell

    I would love to win, but beautiful generous hearts you have. The world is truly blessed !

  7. lulumoonart

    It would be MAGICAL! I’ve loved seeing where your artwork is taking you, Jeanne! And thank you for sharing via your online courses – they’ve been very inspirational!

  8. Virginia Bailey

    Thank you so much. I love everything you do and write. You are such an amazing woman Jeanne. I really admire all that you have accomplished. Watching you from afar and taking many of your online courses. I feel very blessed, but flying to your new home studio would be incredible. I’m believing God wants me to be there. ?

  9. Maeva Cook

    Wow! That is a very generous “give away”! I am sure whoever receives it will treasure it! Best wishes!

  10. Linda Robison

    WOW this is an amazing gift and my mind cannot even wrap around the opportunity to meet, sit with and take in the energy that will be with Jeanne, her family, and classmates at this retreat. I almost didn’t write anything because who am I to think it could be me? After all, the person blessed with this experience can surely call it a miracle – to be selected, the ONE, the name that’s called. I trust that the Lord will have his hand in the drawing and Jeanne will be guided to the person he wants there so I’m going to be brave and see what happens – throw my Stabilo into the mix 😉 A little about me – after losing my best friend, then my mom, I too moved to a wooded peaceful place away from town and LOVE it. My little acre – I still work full time (don’t see any way to ever retire on SS) along with my 5 pound Maltipoo Miss Juliet – loving her keeps me going – Birthday next week – will be 64 (how is that possible?). To all of you that will be going please share photos and tell us all about it – it’s going to be delicious.

  11. melaniegore

    I would love to join you at your new home to create art. So happy that things worked out for you. Hoping we can do another trip to France….would love it!

  12. dannylion

    What a beautiful and gracious thing to do – this is the very definition of “Jean Oliver”.

  13. Laurie Hendren Molzahn

    I would love to be the recipient of your wonderful workshop but I know of someone who could use it too. Her name is Nicole Kruck. She is one of my cousins. Her mom (one of my dearest friend) went through a battle with breast cancer for the last 5 years. She pasted away last Sept. after a summer of in home hospice care. Nicole provided much of that care to her mother even when her mother didn’t recognize any of us anymore. Nicole was engaged to be married but she put her wedding plans on hold till just now because of her mother’s illness. She and her fiancée John, just set the date for Sept 17th. With an up coming wedding and the anniversary of her mom’s death I would love for her to be able to go to this workshop and “let her hair down” and just “do” art! Thank you to all of you invoked with Jeanne Oliver Design and Network. Without this network of fellow artist I don’t know where I would of found the encouragement to keep on keeping on! God Bless you all!

  14. jane w

    This would be the most incredible thing to happen to me in a very long time! I LOVE your art and all I can say is it would be a dream come true. I have been in need of something like this and “free” would be something I could actually do. Thank you for your art and the chance to win this awesome experiance. 🙂

  15. karen ADKINS

    I would be so honored to receive such an amazing gift. I love your work and your love comes through in each piece. You are a blessing to those of us her are just learning to express through art. Your generous gift of sharing will be a blessing to whom ever wins. Thank you for your encouraging words on your blog.

  16. Michelle Wooderson

    So generous of you Jeanne. Was gonna sign up because we could plan our annual Colorado vacation around your class. Then the hubs tells me the timing wouldn’t work out. Then it sells out and he says maybe we can make it work. So I’m thinking if I would be lucky enough to win a spot, then it was meant to be. You’re doing a wonderful thing here Jeanne, opening your home and heart up for fellow artists. It would be so wonderful to do some watercolor sketches right in your back yard.

  17. Annette Cable

    This beautiful opportunity will definitely make someone’s day. ??

  18. Julia Howard

    Are you going to announce to us all who you chose? The post said you would contact the winner by the 24th, and now it’s the 27th! I’m just curious. 😉 Thanks

    1. jeanne Author

      Yes, you are correct. We have gotten so many emails about this spot that it has taken us larger to go through them all. We are announcing the winner this week. Sorry for the delay.

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