Danielle Donaldson is back with her newest online course Wild Blue Yonder! Join Danielle for watercolor fun and this time it is all about stitching, rainbows, beautiful backgrounds and paper airplanes with secret messages.

The early registration price of $32 is still available for this 4-hour online course with lifetime* access. Play with color, supplies, and techniques in this course that will once again show how fun watercolors can be.

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Learn to illustrate and watercolor a detailed scene filled with billowing clouds, bitty birds in flight, paper airplanes carrying top-secret messages, radiant sunshine, and dreamy rainbows.

Using worksheets and handouts that compliment Danielle’s videos, you’ll learn new techniques including:

  • Preparing versatile watercolor palettes in advance that are customized with the colors you love most.
  • Planning compositions in advance with thumbnail sketches
  • Painting large watercolor washes as backgrounds
  • Drawing and painting dimensional clouds, birds and paper airplanes – think shadows!
  • Painting, paper piecing, and sewing to correct inevitable mistakes and add dimension
  • Creating awesome rainbows with transitional washes
  • Adding tons of detail with pencil, ink and white paint



The early registration price for this 4 hour course is $32.00. The price will go to $48 on February 16, 2018, and the class will go live on March 19, 2018.

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See you in class!



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