An Artist Studio | With Aimee Irel Bishop

As a creative, one of my favorite things in the world is to step into the creative space of another. I love when an artist shares their space, how they use it, a peek into their favorite tools and even what they are currently working on. I hope you will join me for the brand new An Artist Studio series! Each month a different artist will welcome us into their space!

I hope it will encourage you to cherish your own creating space.  I started on the kitchen table, built our business in an unfinished basement, filmed our first courses in a transformed dinning room, create now in a big space and know that I will find a creative space no matter where we go next. The space you have is perfect if you are showing up and creating in it!

Previous studio tours: Jeanne Oliver , Stephanie Lee, Sheila Atchley, and Diane Reeves.

This month we have been welcomed into the studio of Aimee Irel Bishop.




















I am a gatherer. A creative. A lover. A beauty seeker. I believe in the healing power of using my hands and my heart to create a beautiful life led by love. Art making is healing, grounding and expanding. It is a way to find the truth. It has awakened my gifts it has brought me back to myself.

A big part of my process is in the collecting. I love finding forgotten bits of fabrics and papers and adding layers of my own marks with paints, ink, tea, coffee and graphite. My favorite tool is a plain old #2 pencil. Especially ones I find forgotten but still full of their last users energy.

My intuition is my greatest teacher and constant muse. Emotions play a huge part in my art, giving me insight and release. Helping me expand my understanding of myself and the world around me. I’m a huge nature lover and you can find me on my best days tending to my high country garden or walking in the woods.







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  1. Marcia

    Loved seeing your creative spaces . You voice quality is lovely, soft and mesmerizing. Thank you❣️

  2. Else Willoby

    I really enjoyed the tour of your wonderful studio, just love your different areas to work in, and best of all adored all your collected nature pieces as I too am a collector of natures gifts, my great love is seed pods and then dried leaves, I have quite a lot I have found on my travels, I call them Nature’s souvenirs , and they make great sketching subjects.
    Thank you for sharing, Cheers Else 🇦🇺

  3. Christine

    I am very inspired by this video. I love your creative space. I would love to spend a day just hanging out there. Thank you for sharing it .. Blessings

  4. Carol Reich

    That was scrumptious. And beautiful. And great fun. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Lisa Walding

    I love peeking into other creatives’ studio spaces. People walk into my space & some “get it” & some don’t & that’s ok. I “get” your spaces, Aimee, & I felt so inspired & calm while taking your tour. I too put a long dinner table up on wooden bed risers & I love to work standing up ( & my back thanks me). Thank you for opening your home up to us & giving us a glimpse of where you create. If I lived there you’d find me in the smaller basement nook & I don’t think I’d ever leave. 🪟📚📓🎨🖌💙

  6. Michele Kamprath

    Great space Aimee! Thanks for sharing your inspiring home and studio.

  7. Kim

    Hi Amy! Wow! You have come so far in the past few years! We have connected on IG / YT 2019 or 2020 and I loved gifting you my handmade journal.
    Your studio space looks like everything is there, just waiting for the Muse !
    I enjoyed your Magpie Journal course.
    You are a gift.
    Thanks for sharing your personal space.

  8. Sonja June


  9. Terry Anderson

    Exquisite. Lovely. Timeless. Peaceful. Love your space, filled with love, warmth, nature, life!! Thank you for sharing your haven with us😘

  10. Michelle

    So inspiring, just beautiful. Thank you for a peek in your space. I haven’t worked on my altered books for awhile and this has inspired me to do some organising in my space. Well May be organised kaos. 😀

  11. Kay Perret

    Thanks for this, Aimee. Especially for starting with the meditation space and outdoor panorama. So soothing. The working space feels very loved and well-used. I really liked seeing many projects in progress. (It allowed me to feel more ok about moving from one thing prior to finishing another.😊) And that bookcase!!!! WOW. What a find.

    I’ve enjoyed your classes: Fodder School, the Magpie Journal, and the ones I’ve found on YouTube.
    Thank you again for letting us into your space.

  12. Tami Howse

    I love this. After all of our company leaves this summer, I’ll be able to design my studio and move in. I love getting ideas from other creatives. Thanks so much!

  13. Karen

    Thank you for sharing your creative space with us! I could feel the joy in your studio with all of your treasures on display. I have had a very unsettling twelve months with personal trials and the troubles of the world in general and I found inspiration in your studio tour for my own creative space. I have been creating and collecting for many years and have always felt challenged to find suitable storage for my supplies and treasures. Having them on display in bowls, baskets etc. seems a beautiful way to have so much inspiration at your fingertips. Thank you again and good luck with all your endeavors.

  14. Vanessa KIKI Johanning

    🌟🌟🌟Sooo Fabulous!!!! I love every inch!!!! There are so
    Many stories on every turn! I get it! Xoxoxo KIKI 🌸🌸💞💞🌟🎨🎨🎨🌟🌟🌟💞💞💞🌸🌸🌸💞💞🌟🎨🎨🌟🌸✨✨🍄🌼🌿🌿💗🎨💗💗🎨🎨💞💞💞

  15. Nina B

    How blessed you are to have been able to create such lovely spaces for creativity in that beautiful area! Like most of us who have come here, I too am a gatherer, and over time i have filled most of my horizontal spaces (and wall space as well!) with many of the gifts that nature has to offer us, if only we open our eyes and take the time to see. Thank you for taking the time to share your sanctum sanctorum for the rest of us.

  16. Adrienne

    I love all the Southern Colorado artists! Yay! That snow was beautiful indeed – and oh, the light that just pours into our spaces in this corner of the world! What a beautiful combination of cozy and open… thank you for sharing!

  17. shay kent

    This was so fun to watch. I imagine if I was at Aimee’s house I could just wander around looking for forever. So many interesting things and TEXTURES. My favorite! Thank you for sharing your space with us Aimee and for putting this series together Jeanne.

  18. Cheri Kuptz

    Aimee….it is so fun to see your beautiful studio and all you are doing in the art world. I loved sitting next to you at the art conference in CO Springs a few years ago and I am so amazed at all you are doing. Your work was beautiful then and it is now!!! I remember how you spoke of your beautiful home and the setting it was in and it is clear it is a beautiful place to create and bring you peace and joy!

  19. Rachelle Toimata

    I have followed you since I found your Jeanne Oliver course. I love your YouTube offerings and now this wonderful studio tour. You ooze creativity and resonate with my own vibe so beautifully. Thank you for this generous sharing of your space, your authentic self and your making practice. Bless you. Lots of love from Australia. Rachelle xo

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