An Artist Studio | With Sandi Hester

As a creative, one of my favorite things in the world is to step into the creative space of another. I love when an artist shares their space, how they use it, a peek into their favorite tools and even what they are currently working on. I hope you will join me for the brand new An Artist Studio series! Each month a different artist will welcome us into their space!

I hope it will encourage you to cherish your own creating space.  I started on the kitchen table, built our business in an unfinished basement, filmed our first courses in a transformed dinning room, create now in a big space and know that I will find a creative space no matter where we go next. The space you have is perfect if you are showing up and creating in it!

Previous studio tours: Jeanne Oliver , Stephanie Lee , Sheila Atchley and Diane Reeves.

This month we have been welcomed into the studio of Sandi Hester.

Sandi Hester had her first painting lessons around her grandmother’s kitchen table during long summer visits in the countryside of Franklin, Tennessee. Her grandmother was a pottery artist and first exposed Sandi to the feel of a loaded paintbrush sliding across a surface. For Sandi, the subject, color, texture and enjoyment of the creative process are very important.

“I’m always aiming for a looseness – a suggestion of what’s really there. I try to capture the beauty of the scene and the feeling of color and warmth instead of recording the details of the scene. I’m not interested in the exactness – I’m interested in how it makes me feel. Painting this way tells you more about the image or scene than when grasping for the details.” – Sandi Hester

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  1. Anna Maria Stone

    What a coincidence, I am subscribed to Sandi’s channel and just watched one of her recent videos. It’s always a pleasure to watch and listen to her, just as it was with this studio tour.
    She’s pretty too.🙂

    1. Christina Baldwin

      What a tour. It feels homey but efficient to create art Thank you for all your sharing

    1. Perskaya01

      I also love this series! Thank you for introducing me to Sandi and her creative space. The inner joy she radiates is inspirational and I found myself thinking that I want radiate that level of joy as well.

  2. Brook Huffman

    So glad you featured Sandi! I’ve been following her this year and she is just beautiful inside and out. Love you both, Jeanne and Sandi!

  3. Kathy

    Sandi! You are a joy to watch and learn from. Go watch her channel, you won’t be disappointed!

  4. Bev Victory

    Love Sandi’s studio. So full of color and life! Got some great ideas and as always enjoyed hearing her sweet calming voice. Must get back to watching her videos.

  5. Vanessa Prohaska

    Jeanne I love these series. I look forward to every single studio tours. I hope it never stops; as I’m starving for more!
    Sandi: I already went to your Instagram stories and told you my opinion. Beautiful space!

  6. Christine Barone

    Sandi, I watch you weekly on YouTube. I am so happy Cooper got his 2 minutes of fame too 🥰. Love you. Xo

  7. Mary Csmpbell

    Thanks for showing your “organized” storage under the table. I have a large table in the middle of my art room and choose to use that space for storage too. I feel like it looks cluttered but it is MY creative space and not a photo op.

  8. Lisa Thomson

    Sandi is so much fun to watch. I love her youtube videos and she has been a huge inspiration for me. This studio tour was awesome! Thanks Jeanne and Sandi. This whole series is so enjoyable!

  9. Megadose

    Sandi Hester had such a great studio! I love her, her art, and her studio! Thanks to her, I found your site.

  10. Kathleen Leonard

    I absolutely love Sandi. Have been following her for the last few years. She is not only talented but her personality is as colorful as her art and her sense of humor will have you visiting her YouTube channel each time she post. For those that don’t know her; follow her. She is a blast…

  11. Leslie Callaway

    I always love Sandi’s art and her YouTube channel – she is so kind and generous with her knowledge! I have been loving the studio tours – thank you!

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