Come Into The Art Gallery {Be prepared to be amazed}

I am so glad that this idea to do the Studying Under The Masters {becoming an apprentice} never left my head and heart.

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I also believe that you move on things when the time is right and I know that the time for this course was now.

The teachers that came beside me to offer their gifts elevated this course to more than I could have imagined.

We spent nine weeks studying a bit of art history, techniques and mediums of the masters and then applying what we had studied into our own work.

The content in this course is worth hundreds and I have never taken a course or known of an online course to offer so much quality content.

Each day I would scroll through the work the women and men were completing and I was in awe of their talent, efforts and their ability to dig deep creatively.

There are almost 1,000 members taking this course right now and I wish I could share all of their work but I hope this will give you a taste of what they are creating.

I hope in these works of art you can see bits of Matisse, Gaudi, Cezanne, Botticelli, O’Keefe, Chagall, Clive, De Felice and Hopper.

Tracy Verdugo

Kathryn Bunn

Kathryn Bunn

Kristi Lynn

Janet Ghio

Peggy Witter

Janet Ghio

Kristin Lynn

Ursula Wollenberg

Mardi James

Robin Jane Fingher

Beth Cole

Tati Vicedomine

Kristin Lynn

Robin Jane Fingher

Helle Kristensen

Renee Ortiz

Renee Ortiz

Lisa Wright

Lucy Cooke

Christa Thomas

Coral Staley

Sharon Pope

Alissa Millsap

Jodene Shaw

Tati Vicedomine

Sandy Derryberry

Suzette Murray

Coral Staley

Lisa Lavoie

Jenny Wentworth

Jay Watkins

Jane Gilchrist

I wish I could share with the the hundreds of pieces created by this online class!

I have already begun planning the second Studying Under The Masters and can’t wait to launch that course this coming fall.

This course is now instantly available on

You will get nine weeks of incredible content and the videos will be available for two years!

If you think you want to create with all of us …we would sure love it!

 To register click HERE or pay below.

$62 for this nine week online course.

The content will be available for TWO YEARS!

{To register directly on (if you pay on the site you will be instantly in the course) click HERE.}

You can also click the payment button below and we will get you in within 24 hours.

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  1. Sharon Pope

    Thank you for picking my study to share on your blog, Jeanne! I am loving every minute of this class! The teachers and the masters have all been amazing, and I have been so inspired and encouraged by the other students, and I have learned so much art history and so many techniques, plus I’ve learned how to study the process and apply it to my practices. I am also now a fan of some of the masters and the teachers that I wasn’t/didn’t know before. Thank you to Jeanne Oliver for conceiving this course and to her and all the other teachers for a wonderful job in executing it. Job well done, and I can’t wait until the next session! 🙂

  2. Mardi James

    Jeanne this was the best class ever! I have learned so much. I loved learning about the different Masters and the artists that presented them.
    This was an amazing class. Thank you Jeanne for putting this class together!

    1. jeanne Author

      Thank you!! The feedback from this course has been incredible and I am so honored that so many chose to join and create with us.

  3. Melissa

    This class has been truly incredible! I am slowly working through it all.. there is so much to take in and learn! Thank you for putting such an amazing class together! I am so thankful to be able to learn from such amazing artists!!!!

  4. Sheila Atchley

    Truly truly beautiful…I have loved this course, and it is WELL worth many times more than any of us paid for it. I will easily be 2 years, squeezing all the goodness out. Thank you, Jeanne. More, please.

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