Studying Under the Masters III: Supply List - Jeanne Oliver

Supply List

Basic Supply List For the Course

* Substrates of your choice (watercolor paper, mixed media paper, cardboard, wood panel, canvas etc.)
* Clear gesso
* White gesso
* Black Stabilo
* Charcoal pencil
* 8B, 6B, 4B graphite pencils
* Oil paints or acrylic paints (use what you have)
* Basic watercolor pan set (nothing too expensive you if you don’t already have them)
* Paper Clay (because you know I love to sculpt!)
* Basic sculpting kit
* Basic wood burning kit
* Gold leaf kit

Each teacher will post their list in their lessons.
In all of my courses I highly encourage you to watch the videos first and then decide if a medium or technique even connects with you before you spend money.  Remember, I am a huge believer in practicing and sometimes the art of buying supplies can replace the art of practice.  I know this from experience.

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