The Living Studio Savannah, Georgia {come explore and create with me}

This past summer I was able to launch The Living Studio | City Art Walks Around The World in Bellagio, Italy.

My heart behind The Living Studio is that we will all learn to explore and create wherever we live.

I hope to inspire people to step out of the comfort of their studios and out into the world and boldly create based upon the beauty all around them.

This unique retreat combines my love of travel and creating and connecting with other women.

I don’t know how many times over the years I had walked past a person sketching in an art museum, painting in the gardens, practicing their watercolors in the mountains or writing at a cafe and I have stopped a moment to envy them.

They were doing it!

They HAD to be creative.

It is a practice and a preparedness that motivates you to create your studio wherever you go.

With practice and always having your tools with you…you live your creativity and the world becomes your studio.

I am so excited to tell you about my first Living Studio retreat here in the United States!

I am collaborating with retreat planner Kathie Vezzani to bring you The Living Studio| Savannah, Georgia.


This is the heart of The Living Studio|City Art Walks Around The World…

“I want each retreat to be one of a kind.  Each city has a heartbeat all its own and I wanted to hear it and share it.

I want the retreats to revolve around the exhibits, some of the best food a city has to offer, finding the perfect cafe, creating art each day inspired by the art we experience and exploring based upon the city.”

Here is a glimpse into The Living Studio | Savannah, Georgia retreat…

Just imagine staying at a hotel that matches your creative heart with luxury accommodations with a funky and fun twist.

Each day we will head out to explore the historic beauty of Savannah with our supplies and artist’s journal.

We will spend time creating in the gardens, in the cemetery, along the water and among the architecture.

Our days will be full of the best food the city has to offer and small cafes and treats that only the locals know about.

We will have a few structured classes but also have daily prompts to encourage using different supplies and techniques during the retreat.

This creative time will include museums, high-tea, shopping, art stores, a riverboat cruise and so much more!

As an artist and teacher a retreat like this is truly a luxury and one of the many reasons why The Living Studio | Savannah, Georgia will open your heart to a deeper level of boldness in your creating.

This is a limited size retreat.

{images below to Paige Knudsen, Steve Robinson and Jeanne Oliver}

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  1. Suzen

    Savannah is a city that I LOVE, so charming and full of inspiration. I’d go on this adventure if there was any way I could do it this time. Considering what is offered for this week, it looks nearly unbelievable. If you can go, DO IT! My guess is that it’s going to be a lifetime experience. And if you do go, don’t tell me about it because it’ll just plain break my heart that I missed it. Next time, Jeanne, next time!!

  2. tatteredsaints

    Hi, Jeanne! This looks like a lot of fun! I have a question, though. I live in Savannah, so even though I would like to participate, I don’t want to pay to stay in a hotel etc. Are there any alternatives?

    1. jeanne Author

      I don’t know how I missed this! Have you contacted Kathie Vezzani about this? I know we can do something and make something work!

  3. Shelly Marlott

    I would give anything to go to one of these… with four children and a husband just being laid off… chances are slim. I will live vicariously through photos and sweet wishes sent to all as you enjoy such an amazing experience! I’ve shared on FB and many photos on Pinterest.
    Thank you so much for your graciousness! Hugs………..

    1. Shelly Marlott

      And I forgot to leave your post… I would love love for you to come the Chicago area. Known for amazing architecture! Of course, Galena, IL would also be a phenomenal spot. Thanks again!

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