My Favorite Things {Post Oprah}

No more Oprah and no more “favorite things” episodes.

I haven’t watched Oprah in more years than I remember but I used to love the Favorite Things show….until last year.

It was crazy and over the top.  It was just too much!

Maybe it had been for years and I just hadn’t watched them.

So, last year I wrote about more realistic favorite things  Here and Here.

It was so much fun last year that I thought I would do it again.

These are the books, products and little extras that I loved this year.

1. Until my beloved Mad Men comes back I am so glad to have a new love...Parenthood.  I loved the writing and characters from the FIRST show!

2. I do not like mopping the floors.  I have been known to go WAY too long without cleaning them.  Sorry.  I bought the Shark last year while Christmas shopping for other people:-).  I LOVE it!  It is so easy and makes mopping the floors something I don’t dread.

3. I just love anything from Stephanie Lee. It is not just her art…it is HER!

4. I have dry hair and nothing really works on it except Moroccan hair treatments. I like the oil a lot too.

5. These are my favorite pastels.  They are handmade and ALMOST too pretty to use.  Almost.

6. Most of us in my family have a mild dairy allergy so coconut milk creamer is my favorite dairy substitute.

7. My friend, Lara, introduced me to this book and it is fascinating.  You can’t put it down.  The whole story behind the book is as good as the photos themselves. Beautiful!

8. The Message Bible has such an easy language that it can be a wonderful addition to what you are already reading.

9. What could be better than top designers sharing what their favorite dresses are.  Stunning.  My Favorite Dress.

10. This is my most recent splurge.  I have been wanting this for over a year (mine is turquoise). The little crackle makes Adele even more incredible.

11. Pretty journals from Anthro make me so happy…throw in a new pen or pencils and I am down right giddy!

12. I think Anthology is one of the best new magazines out there.  It is in print form and everything about it is perfection…the paper, layout, minimal advertisers.  Worth the money and worth your time.

13. I never grew up with a heated blanket so for some weird reason I love them.  I love getting into a bed all toasty warm. This year my husband talked me (reluctantly) into a heated mattress pad. The jury is in and it is AMAZING!

14. Anything by Adele connects with me.  I have her new album on my Christmas wish list.

15. Here is another book if you love the history of fashion. It is a book full of Vogue covers.  Beautiful and fun to see the evolution of style.

16. I have a large French bottle rack in my kitchen full (really full) of the most beautiful mugs and tea cups.  We use them everyday and they make me happy.

17. My daughter has loved American Girl dolls since she turned 5.  Every birthday and Christmas for the past 4 years have included something from American Girl. I love the historical girls and the sweet books that go along with them.

18. In our living room are the prettiest lavender sachets made from vintage grain sacks.  We fluff them all of the time to release the smell.  The kids know how much I love the smell so they are always “fluffing” them for me:-)

19. My favorite portable watercolor set. The best part is the water pen so you don’t have to worry about water on the go.  I love it so much that my kids are getting sets for Christmas.

20. I love my coffee (even though I know I should give it up) but I am a tea drinker too.  This is one of my new favorite flavors.  Yum.

Obviously, the list could go on and on and on….but we have orders to wrap so I will stop now.

Leave links or comments letting us know some of your everyday favorite things.


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  1. paige

    great list my friend.
    the leather journals from anthro feel wonderful. i have a couple..the gold especially is wonderful.
    i saw the favorite dress book last time i was in antrho. my madison would LOVE it…thanks for the reminder 😉
    morroccon oil is fabulous. i use it on my face…talk about dry!

  2. Liza Turner

    Two of my favorite things:
    1) My Jeanne Oliver tunic.
    2) The Jeanne Oliver blog. The music, the style, your words….collectively they just make my mornings a little brighter.

    Thank you for sharing your “gift” with us several times a week.

    And yes, that was a bad play-on-words.

  3. Flower Patch Farmgirl

    I’m sorry to say that I abandoned my heated mattress pad after just one season. That cord! That blasted cord! I could feel it. And I didn’t like it.

    The Princess and the…

  4. Janelle Roberts

    My favorite things:
    1) Target
    2) diet Coke
    3) The Young and the Restless
    4) junk, vintage, flea marketish stuff
    5) being crafty
    6) my family

    And, this blog is quickly becoming one of my favorites. I signed up for your class in January. Can’t wait!

  5. sherry hicks

    I love Parenthood, the vintage cups, and my daughter also loves american girl dolls and I have a French doll hiding in my closet with her beautiful bed just waiting to come out on Christmas! I cannot wait to read the books with my daughter! I think I have just as much fun as she does playing with the dolls and reading the books…….ok. I have thoroughly enjoyed the blouse/dresses I got from you this year and know one of my fav things for the new year will be to take your eclass!!
    Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

  6. Sandy

    Thanks for sharing your favs Jeanne!! Love them all!! I love Parenthood myself. It makes me cry most every episode. If I would make a list that it would definitely have YOU on it. I have truly enjoyed your site this year, your products are gorgeous and I am proud to say I own a few Jeanne Oliver Originals! LOL! Hope next year will even get better for you!

  7. Vicki

    Great List! I remember having an older version of the Vogue book when I was 20 and in design school! Ha! I’m proudly 50 now and wonder what happened to that. It was a BEAUTIFUL book!!

  8. Beth


    I love lists like this! Thank you so much for sharing yours… A few picks of mine:

    1. Kiss My Face Grapefruit and Bergomot Foaming Hand Soap:
    2. My temperpedic mattress topper(everyone in my family has one!)
    3. Aveda Comforting Tea:
    4. Brave Girls Club. I went to camp, traveling from New York to Idaho last May — after reading about your experience in Artful Blogger (a magazine that I love!). Thanks sooooo much for introducing BGC to me!

    And, love my Jeanne Oliver camera bag! It travelled through Italy with me this summer, and was just perfect.
    Happy Holidays!

  9. Stephanie

    What a pleasant surprise to find mine and Judy’s book on your list!! I’m honored and so happy that you enjoy it! Thank you!! (dashing off to check out the other goodies). 🙂

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