First of all I would like to thank all of you that commented in my  Sometimes in the Pain post.

I was overwhelmed by your response and also the countless private emails I received.

I wrote that for me.

I wrote that for my own family.

To truth is that when I sat down to do the post I was just going to show photos from our trip home.

At the last minute it quickly spilled out.

I pressed publish and it just felt right to say SOMETHING!

(the only other times I have spoken about the divorce were HERE and HERE)

I have kept very quiet about this divorce and what it has done to my family and especially to my children.

What I DID say is nothing compared to all the thoughts and feelings that we have but at least it was not putting on a fake smile and not acting like it exists.

If you sin and no one sees it is it still sin?

Of course it is.

If you sin and no one calls you out on it is it still sin?

What a silly question.

I just wanted my friends, family and readers to know (that commented and emailed) that I truly appreciate your feedback and how you shared so many private and painful stories from your own lives.

I didn’t expect so many of you to share your own pain from affairs and divorce.

Now let’s get on to better things:-)

I wanted to share the photos from the farm and my trip home because we had so much fun!

There was so much laughter, joy, playing, getting dirty, hiking, talking, dog walking, friend hugging and just all over thankfulness that we got to play at the farm and spend time with my mom, brother and see a few friends.

We even snuck a trip into Chicago for a few days.

Here are the highlights.

Our first full day home we went hiking at one of our favorite parks.

I hiked at this same park growing up and I now hike here with my children each time we come home.

Kelly had some work to do in Chicago so we all tagged along for a few days.

While he worked we played.

A little boy so tired from a hard day of play, pine tree warriors, working on finishing up school and even a date night.

Everything looks lovelier with the farm as our backdrop.

Our favorite activity while we were on the farm was to grab a blanket, head to the orchard and just spend time together.

Some days a book was nearby, banana bread fresh from the oven or a big bowl of ice cream.

I will miss that blanket on the grass the most about the farm.

I told the kids we just need to forget we have neighbors and create our own “time in the orchard”.

More hiking and of course stopping along the road to capture a cow or two:-)

And then it was time to say goodbye.

We can’t wait for Grandma Madolyn to live close to us.

We are counting the days.

We will miss the farm but we can’t wait for my mom to be so close, be a part of our daily lives and we can drive her crazy:-)

(All of my photos were taken with my phone and Instagram.  If you are on Instagram please find me at JeanneOliver)