Today I will continue with my month long series Reflections of Paris.

You can see last weeks post HERE.

In 2010 I spent two weeks in the South of France with the end of my trip in Paris.

Only three short nights in Paris but enough time to fall in love with the city.

I will be going back to Paris this fall with my husband to celebrate my 40th birthday (which was in May).

After my time in Paris I will continue my time in France with my dear friend Tracey.

We will be staying HERE.

The first morning in Paris we headed to the flea market.

It was an early morning especially with the long train ride the day before from the South of France.

I believe this was the Porte De Vanves Flea Market but I am sorry to say that I don’t remember.

If you recognize it let me know.

The market was huge and seemed to go on forever.

In the South of France I definitely found more linens and small jewelry pieces.

In Paris I found more art, silver, letters and china.

I can’t wait to go back and discover more of the markets in Paris.

I also found the people to be so kind.

I have heard over the years how much the French don’t like Americans.

If that is true…It was not true during my visit.

One of my readers asked for me to write about haggling etc. at the French markets.

I will be writing soon along with some of my friends that travel to the markets offend so you all will have the best advice I can find:-)

As you can tell from this photo I was exhausted…hahaha.

I was so thrilled to find this painting.  It was my wish to bring home a painting from one of the markets.

Every time I look at it here at home I remember this day and it brings back what I felt that morning searching for treasures.

Every booth was spilling over with vintage goodness.

I went to the ATM twice to get more money.  It was wrong…so, so wrong:-)

This market was much more expensive than the markets in the south.

If I got a good deal I felt like I really earned it.

I want to add that I never took photos up close or in someone’s booth without asking permission first.

Maybe that is why they were so kind to me too.

I only have one regret from this market.

There was another painting that I REALLY wanted.

I talked myself out of it because of the cost and I should have gotten it.

I believe it was around 300 Euros and that day after shopping at markets for a few weeks I didn’t feel rich.

OK….I was down right broke!

That is my only regret at the market though.

After shopping all morning and having a blast photographing the market it was time to head back to the hotel to drop off all the loot!

It was now time for a sidewalk cafe, lunch and of course a cafe’ au lait.

Looking back through these photos has brought the trip back to life for me.

I can’t wait to be sipping my coffee again in Paris.

Next time I will have my love with me.

Not too shabby.

Join me next Monday for more of day two.


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