Reflections of Paris {Part III}

For the month of June I will be sharing photos from my trip to France in the summer of 2010.

The photos from my Paris portion of the trip have never been seen.

I am loving going back through the photos and how they are triggering my memories.

I am also getting more and more excited for the upcoming trip to France I have with my husband in September.

You can see the previous photos HERE and HERE.

After the flea market and a bite to eat it was time to do a little sight-seeing.

I barely had any time in Paris so it was hard to choose what to see.

Sacre’ Coeur was on the top of the list.

It was fun to climb the narrow steps up to the top and have the breathtaking views of Paris around me.

I am absolutely in love with the streets and cafes around Sacre’ Coeur.

I believe the area is Rue Caulaincourt.

How can you not be in love with bistro chair lined cafes, tree shaded streets and quaint patisseries?

Before dinner I sat at a cafe people watching (one of my favorite pastimes:-)).

I am head over heals with how the men dress in Paris.

I almost can’t take it and I don’t even know many American men that could get away with the slim cuts that French men wear.

I also love how everyone rides bikes through the city…no matter what they are wearing.

The evening ended with dinner with one of the most interesting women I have ever met.

Few people have ever left such an impression on me.

Paris is pure magic.

I hope you join me next Monday for my last photos of Paris.


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  1. Karen

    Hi Jeanne, Thank you for sharing your Paris photos – I’ve really enjoyed your little series. You truly capture the spirit and essence of the city through your lens. Best wishes for a lovely visit in the fall and I hope you take many new photos to share on your blog!

  2. WendyW

    Hi Jeanne, I am loving your Paris series!!! Your gorgeous photos captures it all … Looking forward to the next one! (PS: Paris men DO dress well!!!)

  3. mgriffin

    What a beautiful city! And your photos are wonderful! The view from Sacre’ Coeur IS breathtaking!!! I’m so excited for you and Kelly to see Paris together soon!

  4. Suzen

    I love the men’s hats!! I made my husband get one when we were in Ireland because they wear them there, too. I think the average man in the US is so overweight that the skinny pants would be um scaaaary on them! The butt crack alone would be enough to send a person running!

  5. lulu and family

    can’t wait to hear about those ladies that left an impression. love the overview of paris shots. all the details are wonderful, jeanne. i am so glad you are sharing…

  6. Katey

    Been enjoying your series. I have been once a few years ago and would love to go again. It’s been drawing me back ever since I left.

  7. Lisa W.

    Awesome BEAUTIFUL photos. I can only dream of going their someday:)

  8. Julia Monroe

    Such a wonderful trip you had and Thank You for sharing it! I paused at each photo and imagined what sounds I would hear, what smells, what movements in my peripheral vision. Footsteps on cobblestone, the sound of engines echoing in narrow streets, bike bells, voices, the smell of fresh bread… Thank you so much, Jeanne! Now I want to visit France even more. 🙂

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