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Welcome to season two of The Jeanne Oliver Podcast. In this episode I am is talking with brand strategist, website designer and founder of BrandifyHQ, Sandy Shaw. So often we have a beautiful product, service or experience but we feel stuck why we are not able to connect to the customers that we know our product is made for. If you want to get clear about your product, your customers and to make sure that what you put out into the world sends the message you want and need…this podcast will leave you inspired and ready to make change.



SandyShaw is a brand strategist, website designer, and founder of

She is on a mission to help heart-centered entrepreneurs confidently play a bigger game with strategic branding and website design.

By offering affordable, on-line brand strategy and website design courses, Brandify saves business owners time and money crafting compelling brands and designing pro-websites that convert viewers into buyers so their businesses grow to new heights.

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Episode Summary

Podcast 028 | Your Brand with Sandy Shaw

2:04 “And then my pragmatic side got the best of me, and it said, ‘Sandy, when you graduate
you better be able to get a job and support yourself.’ So I actually changed my major from art to

2:33 “I really wanted to return to art and launch my own business.”

4:16 “Whether it is an art business or any business, there are just so many things you need to
do, and it’s completely overwhelming. And that can just lead to wanting to shut down.”

6:38 “Beginning with a brand strategy in my opinion is the very first thing that any business
should do, because you go through a clarifying process that allows you to really focus in on the
essentials of your business.”

11:38 “The number one mistake that businesses make is they think ‘branding’ and they
instantly think “logo, color palette, fonts” when really the heart of branding is all about clarifying
the essence of your brand.”

13:18 “The second one is: it is really tempting to try to reach everybody. The big consequence
of when you are trying to talk to everyone you end up speaking to no one.”

17:00 “Your brand guide is almost like the Bible of your business.”

19:50 “If you’ve had your website for say like 10 years, it’s a good idea to refresh the look and
feel of your website so it looks current.”

21:11 “Color is one of the most powerful elements of your brand because color evokes

23:14 “If you use too much yellow and just go overboard, studies show that is just causes
feelings of stress and anxiety.”

26:54 “Just answering those core brand questions will put you so far ahead of the game. You
want to look for the brand sweet spot, which is where you brand identity overlaps with what
resonates with your ideal client.”

30:02 “One this one client got clear on her niche, she knows them inside and out, she knows
everything about them, so she was able to write messaging specifically speaking to her

32:00 “If you want to succeed, there has to be something before you invest in fancy furniture or
a million other things, your money needs to go to finding clarity with your brand.”

Jeanne Oliver grew up in rural Illinois and now resides in Castle Rock, CO. She is inspired by our personal stories, travel, and nature.

Jeanne uses art to tell her current stories and also those of growing up among gravel roads, cornfields and early life surrounded by open spaces. Through mark making, layers and mixed media, she hopes to convey that we all have a story to tell.

Jeanne is married to her dream maker, Kelly, and the mother of three funny and creative children. She homeschools her children even though she has tried to get out of it a few times. You can often find her hiking, creating in her studio and finding an excuse to have another cup of coffee. She speaks and teaches all around the country and sometimes she even gets to cross the pond. She was told that she needed to find that one thing but she doesn’t like listening to directions so she embraces many loves and that has given her a sweet mash-up of family, art, and travel. Connecting with women and sharing that each of us has been creatively made is one of her passions.

You can learn more about Jeanne through her blog posts, taking an online course with her, taking an in person class with her in the US and abroad thru The Living Studio.

You can connect with Jeanne on Instagram and Facebook.


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