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  • The Art of Seeing: Mini Photography Class
    Being present in the day, seeing what is really there and embracing everything that makes life beautiful and capturing through the lens of your camera. Join Cathy Walters for this beginning photography mini-course.
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  • Free Art Video: Creating Patterns and Textures
    This free video is fun mix of different mediums, techniques and a taste of how Jeanne Oliver incorporates them into her work
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  • Woodland Girls {and other natural curiosities}
    Just imagine walks in the woods, gathering, creating inside AND outside of your studio, sculpting with paperclay, painting your own Woodland Girls on wood slices, wood burning, stamp carving, creating your own nature study journal and incorporating words from some of your favorite poets. Join Jeanne Oliver for this nature and poetry inspired course.
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  • Becoming the Unfolding of You
    Becoming: The Unfolding of You
    Join 20 women for an 8 part study about finding your true identity in Christ. Each lesson you will hear unfolding stories from the women where they will be sharing truths about who the Lord says we are and our personal journeys to accepting these truths.
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  • Learning Well: An Essentials Course To Homeschooling
    Are you a new homeschooler that hasn’t a clue where to start this new gig? Are you not quite a rookie, but you definitely don’t feel like you’ve gotten all the building blocks stacked correctly? Have you been homeschooling for a while, but the happiness has waned and you need some fresh inspiration to take on a whole new direction? If you answered yes to any of these, than this course is just what you need. Join blogger and speaker Alicia Hutchinson.
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  • Pattern Play
    Learn how to easily create patterns in Photoshop with Bari J. Ackerman using a variety of methods from an industry professional. In five lessons, you'll have what you need to know so that, with practice, you can be successful at designing patterns.
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  • Nature's Canvas
    A course with Tania Bain on exploring nature's canvas and your imagination. You will be using fallen branches, twigs, pieces of dried wood and maybe even a leaf or two found in the forest or your garden and paint faces on them. Learn how to draw and paint a very basic primitive face, a whimsical face and then a more realistic face using color, shadow and highlights to give shape, depth, character, and charm to a face.
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  • Study Hall Studio: Back to School DIY
    15 DIY back to school projects for kids with Madolyn Oliver. You will be altering supplies, getting organized for the school year and creating fun projects that will make your school year super cute.
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  • Wild and Free Art Journaling
    Begin an art practice with Cathy Walters that is based on creating a safe and honoring artistic ritual through paint and play. You will learn how to find your authentic inspiration and how to incorporate the good, the bad and the extraordinary of your life into your work.
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  • Children of the Wild
    This course is filled with precious children and their friendships with animals. Kate Thompson created this class to share with you her love for animals and how they have enriched her life. There will be 4 complete painting demonstrations. Each painting has its own unique story. Mixed media art is taken to a new level by combining watercolors, pan pastels, charcoal with gesso. You will also learn how to work with graphite, charcoal, watercolor and inks with linseed oil. On top of all this goodness you will learn how to apply oil bars with a palette knife.
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  • Letting Go: An Exploration of Abstract Painting
    Create expressive abstract paintings with Wendy Brightbill using watercolors, inks, acrylics and even embroidery. You will explore mark making, line drawing, shape composition and color blending to create depth and interest.
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  • Photography 101: Through the Artist's Eye
    Do you want to take great photos of your art, capture precious moments of your family, children, pets or nature and then make them shine on your web site, social media, blog or in publications? Well, guess what? It’s all about learning to shoot in manual mode. This workshop with Cynthia Shaffer will teach you just that, and so much more!
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  • Free Art Video: The Big Picture
    This is a FREE video all about seeing the "Big Picture". It is based upon Jeanne Oliver's journey of honoring her gifts, finding balance (if it even exists) and living a creative life she loves.
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  • Close To Home: A Watercolor Landscape Journey
    Explore sketching, watercolor supplies, set up a custom watercolor palette and travel sketch kit with Michelle Wooderson. Explore the elements and principles of art and create a beautiful color wheel using your choice of paint colors. Learn how to create sketches that show value and composition and why it is so important to create before we ever pick up a paintbrush. You will start with simple shapes and work your way up to painting detailed but simple landscapes in your sketchbooks. You will learn tips and tricks along the way for creating skies, clouds, trees, grass and small details that make landscapes pop.
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  • Radiant Watercolor Portraits
    Radiant Watercolor Portraits
    Watercolor is a luminous and beautiful medium. You will dive head first with Christie Drahnak into portrait drawing, watercolor basics, and value studies. You will start at the beginners level and by the time class is over you will have the knowledge of an intermediate watercolor artist.
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  • Free Business Video: Markets and Shows
    Free video with Jeanne Oliver all about selling, set-up and participating in Markets and Shows and advice as you grow this area of your business. Shows are a lot of hard work but also an incredible way to grow your brand, expand your clientele and connect with your buyer.
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  • Wild Awakening: Painting Big
    A mixed media course with Jeanne Oliver all about painting bigger, finding creative freedom, telling your story like never before, breaking out of your comfort zone and creating art that you have dreamed of creating.
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  • Mobile Art Magic
    You can make beautiful, rich art right on your iPhone with Ivy Newport. Expand your knowledge of color, experiment with composition and use your own photography to compose stunning, layered pieces of ART. This course will give you the knowledge of which apps to use and how to combine them to achieve gorgeous results!
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  • The Journey of Letting Go: Creating Beauty from Ashes
    The course with Jeanne Oliver is full of discussion and art videos expressing truths about the freedom of letting go. The art videos will cover mixed media techniques, coptic binding journals from canvas, sculpture, watercolor, mixed media art using a Dremel tool, collage, portraits and more.
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  • A Color Narrative
    Color tells stories and shares emotion in ways words can’t. Artist and storyteller Danielle Donaldson will help you discover the beauty of each color and the stories they are ready to help you share through your art. Build limited color palettes that push you to figure out how to create your own beautiful colors and learn to mix a plethora of colors with a series of simple questions and adjustments. Work through exercises that will reveal the importance of composition in storytelling - painting different kinds of watercolor washes with an emphasis on layering techniques and mark making. You will conclude with an illustration project that includes a fancy globe filled with color, imagination and a few of your favorite things tucked inside!
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  • The Living Studio
    The Living Studio is a FREE art video series! You will have the opportunity to watch technique and medium videos from some of your favorite artists. The hope is that you will learn what practices different artists use to make their art a daily practice and how they create their studio wherever they go.
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  • Holiday DIY Tablescape: A Mini Course
    10 easy to accomplish projects with Jen Wagner that will transform your holiday tables this season!
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  • Reflections: An Art Journaling Workshop
    An art journaling online course with Jeanne Oliver all about unraveling your own story and creating authentic art that only you can tell. Through mixed media techniques, you will explore your own story and how to bring it to life within your art.
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  • Creatively Made: Rediscovering the Beauty of Your Gifts
    Creatively Made with Jeanne Oliver is a four-part art course. It is full of truths about your gifts and why you were given them in the first place. The art videos will cover journal making for vintage books, mixed media journals made from catalogs, collages and collage techniques, sketching, Stabilo pencil "painting", mixed media techniques, vintage girls using templates, leather and metal stamping and so much more!
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  • Salt + Light: Impact the World Right Where You Are
    Join 18 men and women as they share in this free online study all about impacting your world right where you are. A study sharing how the Lord can use each of us in our day to day lives. When we see the value in where we have been placed + our gifts we are able to collaborate with a God that has been waiting for us to say that we are ALL IN.
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  • Studying Under the Masters for Kids
    For children, art isn’t about rules and critiques. Art for kids is about expression and creating and fun! I want your kids (and you!) to come along with me, Alicia Hutchinson, and become apprentices to some of art’s Masters!
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  • learn to sketch
    Sketching and Collage: A Mini Course
    Learn how to break down the face and "sketch" with charcoal, water and white gesso with Jeanne Oliver. Using the sketch you created (or an image transfer technique) you will learn step by step instructions to create a portrait through collage and mixed media.
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  • Studying Under the Masters III
    Join Alisa Burke, Jenny Doh, Kelly Berkey, Melody Ross, Ivy Newport and Jeanne Oliver as they explore 6 different master painters! Join us as we become the “apprentice”. Through discussion and technique videos, each artist will share their week with a “master”. You’ll learn who their “master” artist studied under, who influenced their work and what techniques and mediums they used.
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  • Studying Under the Masters: Portraits + Self-Portraits
    Join Cori Dantini, Jane Davenport, Gillian Lee Smith, Robin Fingher, Teresa McFayden and Jeanne Oliver as we become the “apprentice”. Through discussion and technique videos, each artist will share their week with a “master”. You’ll learn who their “master” artist studied under, who influenced their work and what techniques and mediums they used. The focus of this workshop is all portraits and self-portraits.
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  • Stitchery School: A Mini Course
    This is an embroidery course with Wend Brightbill where you will explore with your needles to create beautiful, one of kind, hand stitched pieces. Learn some basic stitches, how to incorporate collage elements, layer lines, create shapes and make marks all with your needle and thread. Let your fabric and your hoops be your blank canvases.
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  • Modern Bohemian: Creating Wearable Works of Art
    Explore jewelry making using natural materials with Jen Rizzo. Work with wire wrapping, using oddly shaped objects such as stone in your designs and create intricate closures.
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  • Watercolors and Flowers: An Introduction to Watercolor Painting
    Whether you’ve tried watercolor before or are a complete novice, this course with Courtney Khail will give you the confidence to tackle creating with watercolor. You’ll begin with basic color theory lessons to get you comfortable with your paints and supplies and then move on to mastering specific techniques and tips you’ll be able to use in all of your future paintings.
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  • Watercolor Greetings: Learn to Paint Your Own Holiday Cards
    Learn the techniques and methods needed to create six different holiday cards with Courtney Khail using watercolor as your medium.
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  • Plaster and Wax 101
    This workshop with Kathy Vezzani is all about creating in plaster and encaustic wax. This is a beginning course that will introduce you to the basics of using these two mediums, including safety procedures and tools. You will also learn how to apply layers of encaustic medium to make your painting seem illuminated from within, adding oil paint to soften the edges or add splashes of color.
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  • Elements of Clay
    In Elements of clay with Allisa Millsap, you will create all of your projects using air-dry paper clay. No kiln needed! Each project is inspired by nature. Each project has a bohemian flair and style and no previous sculpting experience necessary.
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  • Hand Formed Stephanie Lee
    Hand Formed: Simple Sculpting
    In this playful exploration of three-dimensional form with Stephanie Lee, you will dive into the fundamentals of creating stable and long-lasting sculptures using plasters that are readily accessible, fun to work with, and easily modified to create whatever form you want. Each project will demonstrate a different armature or foundation construction approach so that you can feel confident in the stability of your beautiful pieces no matter what the final form is. You will explore various finishing and textural effects using paint, carving, sanding, finishing with encaustic medium, and incorporating paper ephemera & found objects.
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  • Santos Cage Dolls II: Inspired Figures
    Let's dive into clay, plaster, wood, concrete, and wire with Jen Rizzo to make Santos and art dolls!
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  • Santos Cage Dolls Creating Rustic Beauty
    Create serene, rustic beauty from paper, clay and wood with Jen Rizzo. The art of hand-sculpting and assembling Santos Cage dolls and other art dolls.
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  • Creative Girl | The Land of Light and Shadows
    Join Danielle Donaldson for a romp with watercolors, white pens and all sorts of creative shenanigans into The Land of Light and Shadows. You will learn techniques that will inspire you to add depth to your work with all sorts of mediums including pencil and pen work, watercolors, acrylics and patterned paper creating yummy layers. And just when you think you are done, you’ll practice adding highlights and tucking in shadows here and there to make your art sparkle.
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  • Soul.Full | A Mini Course
    Soul.full. is a guided field trip with Kelly Barton that explores how to bring in creativity every day and new habits that will give you an artist’s nudge and put a smile on your face.
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  • Storybooks and Studious Girls Course
    Storybooks & Studious Girls
    You’ll start off by building a watercolor storybook from scratch and exploring techniques with Danielle Donaldson to help you grow and organize your creative practice in a brand new way. Then you'll create an illustrated storybook superstar that you can call your own. You’ll work through the basics of perspective drawing including color choices, one-point and two-point perspective.
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  • All Creatures Lovely and Small with Danielle Donaldson
    All Creatures Lovely and Small
    Danielle Donaldson will lead you through this watercolor journey. Ellies, pups and bunnies, oh my! You will start off with a good dose of danielle-ish color theory. This isn’t your everyday color-wheel stuff. As a matter of fact, it is kind of the opposite. You’ll learn how to work with color in a whole new way. You’ll find your very own colorful voice with a series of simple exercises that will not only build your creative signature but seriously boost your watercolor confidence. Next you’ll pick up your mechanical pencils and illustrate some quirky and goodness-filled animal friends. You’ll learn how to break down their bits and pieces and then reassemble them in different ways. You’ll end by building a lovely, layered block of patterned paper, snippets of ribbon and a word or two to give our four-legged friend a place to perch.
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  • Paint Your Town | Mixed Media Urban Landscapes
    You will become tourists in your own town and open our eyes to the photography, sketching, architecture, people, cafes, painting, connecting, history and beauty right in front of you. In this class with Jeanne Oliver, you will create abstract landscapes, work with sketching and watercolors, collage, image transfers, charcoal sketches and create mini works of art to create our own Paint Your Town journals when you are done.
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  • Making Art Sing: Values, Shape and Lines
    Making art sing is finding a melody that is unique to each one of us in our art. It’s time to find the confidence in the gracefulness of your lines and notes of yummy moments that turn into our focal points along with the success of values. Julie Johnson will lead you on this journey.
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  • Painterly Portraits: A Study In Acrylics and Oils
    Do you want to learn to paint? You will learn to paint from your heart. Do you feel like you are missing something? It's not about talent. It is about applying your love of something that you know is in you. You will discover that inner passion of art that has begun to come out in you.
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  • Classical Figure Painting
    Learn how to create a group figure painting on canvas with Angela Redhead. You will see the process for painting figures for murals, except on a smaller scale. This class will cover reference material resources, surface prep, sketching a classical figure outline, composition, the underpainting and painting the overlayers.
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  • scribble art
    Scribble Art
    What is Scribble Art? It is the journey of letting go and becoming loose in your art. Join Julie Johnson in exploring this process.
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  • Be Still: A Mini Course
    In this mini-course with Danielle Donaldson, you will sew your very own compass hearts. This will be followed by a lesson in watercolor where you will practice choosing and mixing colors based on your compass hearts. Next, you’ll break down each leaf and flower and practice, practice, practice! Last, you’ll put all of what you have learned together and make beautiful compass heart florals that will serve as a reminder to stay present and know where your heart is supposed to be.
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  • how to draw a face
    Sketchworks | Drawing with Confidence
    You will learn perspective, the parts of a landscape and how perspective relates to portraiture with Angela Redhead. You will also explore the various methods of shading, finding the light source and illustrating highlights. You will also take an in depth look at the anatomy of the head, it's proportions, bone structure, muscles and facial planes in order to understand where shadows and features should fall in a portrait.
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  • Hand-Forged: Metal and Torch Soldering Jewelry Class
    If you’ve ever wanted to create jewelry with personal meaning, beautiful texture, and luminous personality, this course is for you! Through this three-piece jewelry project making course with Stephanie Lee, you will learn a wide variety of techniques that you can easily translate into other jewelry forms and applications. You will explore methods of forming wire into custom chain (with and without torch methods) as well as beginning to end construction of a necklace, bracelet/cuff, and earrings. Using Stephanie Lee's signature torch soldering techniques, you will learn how to form, forge, shape, and combine sheet metal and found jewelry components into texturally rich, exquisitely one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces.
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  • Eclectic Beaded Crochet Jewelry
    On trend and boho chic, learn Robin Dudley-Howes’ method to make these stylish crochet beaded wraps, NO crochet experience necessary! These fun pieces can be wrapped several times around the wrist or be worn as a necklace. You will learn step by step how to make simple to elaborate crocheted jewelry. You will also learn how to make your own one of a kind pendant, tassels and charms to add to your crochet jewelry.
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  • Vintage Trinket Jewelry
    Learn to create your very own unique jewelry with Andrea Singarella! Create one of a kind designs, using both vintage and new beads, old baubles, religious medals and other found trinkets. Learn design processes, from combining colors to selecting beads and creating a balanced piece. Learn how to convert old earrings, costume jewelry necklaces, brooches and cabochons into charms, connectors and beautiful focal pieces for a necklace or bracelet.
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  • Feel Home: Creating a Timeless Feeling Home
    We all have the same questions when it comes to designing our homes. Where do I begin? Is this really me or am I making this decision because it is the latest trend? Am I still going to like this look six months from now? Whether you are the everyday home designer or working with a professional, the choices you make for your timeless home need to be made with intention. This course with designer Melinda McCoy, will guide you through the process and teach you the framework to create a timeless home. You will create storyboards, discover the language for a timeless home (hint, it has a lot to do with your personality), and learn the exact design elements that create a timeless feeling.
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  • Art of Home | Modern Simple Living
    Art of Home | Modern Simple Living is all about some of the lost arts of caring for our home and family. Each lesson will contain step-by-step videos with decorating, cooking, gardening, entertaining, housekeeping and more. The following will be shared: The Art of Farm to Table, The Art of Gathering, The Art of Domestic Moxie and The Art of Reclaimed Style. This course is your favorite home and cooking magazines come to life! Join 5 lifestyle and decor bloggers.
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  • Basics of Beekeeping
    This beginner beekeeping course with Anne Marie Klaske is perfect for the backyard beekeeper who wants to maintain a hive for pollination for their vegetables and flowers, to gather the honey for personal consumption, and the basics of information for beekeeping.
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  • Inspired Decorating Ideas For Summer
    In this mini-course with Jen O'Brien, you will learn simple ways to use different materials to accessorize your home for the summer. Create weathered & barn board finishes to picture frames, build a rustic tray for those simple picnics and how to make your own photo canvases, so you can display your favorite memories of the season.
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  • Creatively Made Home
    Everyone should be surrounded by beauty in their homes and that shouldn't have to do with how much you spend. Sometimes we can get lost and distracted with everything that comes at us each day. Sometimes things can look so perfect and we as women may feel inadequate. It is time to exhale and delight in your home. It is time to open your doors because of what is inside of you...not what is inside your home. This five-part online course will change how you see yourself, your home and your family. Packed with interviews, DIY videos and more. Join 5 lifestyle and decor bloggers.
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  • Home For the Holidays | Creatively Made Home
    We all want to create authentic moments with our friends and families. We all desire for the ones we love to leave our homes knowing that they were welcomed and loved. This course will help you slow down and find the joy and beauty in the holidays. Packed with interviews, DIY videos and more. Join 9 lifestyle and decor bloggers.
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  • For the Love of Reclaimed Wood
    In this mini-course you will create pieces unique decor items for your home with DIY and lifestyle blogger Melaine Thompson. You will learn how to make picture frames for family photos or art prints, as well as custom signs. Don't know how to use power tools? You will after this course!
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  • Building a Creatively Made Business 2.0
    Join Marian Parsons, Jennifer Rizzo and Jeanne Oliver in this three-part course with over 80 videos full of content to launch, grow and nurture your creative business. You will learn through creative journey, getting started, websites, balancing your creative life with your home life, photographing your product, pricing, wholesaling, setting yourself apart, growing your brand, creating lookbooks, e-courses, markets and shows and so much more. Whether you are in the dreaming or building stage this course will leave you inspired and encouraged.
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  • Creativity Takes Courage | Interviews with Courageous Friends
    Creativity Takes Courage is a free interview series with creative men and women from around the world. Be encouraged and inspired by the artists you already know and the men/women that you may meet for the first time.
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  • Summer Art Camp For Kids II
    Author and paper artist Courtney Walsh will take kids on a guided journey through five mixed media projects. She will encourage students to think outside the creative box as she leads them through each step, breaking it down in a way they will easily understand and be able to follow.
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  • Summer Art Camp for Kids
    Author and paper artist Courtney Walsh will take kids on a guided journey five mixed media projects. She will encourage students to think outside the creative box as she leads them through each step, breaking it down in a way they will easily understand and be able to follow.
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  • Creatively Made Kids
    A free DIY online series just for kids hosted by Madolyn Oliver.
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  • Playing Big: A Mini Course
    Is there something keeping you from playing big in your painting? Are you wanting to push through creative blocks and create the kind of art you see in your dreams? Working on a large piece of watercolor paper, you will explore color, mark making, style and composition with Wendy Brightbill.
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  • Animal Antics
    Join Tracy Verdugo and find inspiration from our animal friends, explore techniques and creative processes to expand your imaginative approach to art. Play with acrylic inks, acrylics, pastels, charcoal, collage and more to create multiple works on both paper and board. You will explore ways to find inspiration for your animal themed art, methods to create a narrative within your work and ways to connect with your audience by using your own experience and stories. Vibrant color and loose gesture will be your guide as you seek the magic that comes when you allow yourself to be free of self judgment and comparison, open to happy accidents, and smack in the middle of flow and possibility!
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  • Gathering Beauty | A Study in Still Life Painting
    In this course with Wendy Brightbill, you will be looking for quiet moments of beauty to document and capture in your creative practice. You will spend time gathering all things beautiful and letting that spill out onto your canvases and paper. You will learn tips for creating beautiful and unique still life compositions. You will explore still life sketching on paper and in art journals and playing with different mediums to create one of kind paintings and drawings. You will learn how to look with new eyes and really study every day moments. You will focus on finding your own creative voice and how to express that on canvas.
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  • Ordered Chaos
    There is power in a single line. One line can tell a story, express emotion. There is also a collected power of many lines, many colors, many marks. In this class with Dina Wakley you will play and explore the ways to create chaos, and then play with the rules to corral it into submission. You will work both large and small, starting in journals and small sheets of paper. You will then create ordered chaos on a grand scale. You'll do both figurative and abstract works.
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  • In The Garden: A Tunnel Book Course
    This course takes you on a journey with Kelly Hoernig of wondrous discoveries. Every single layer we add - texture, color and detail - leads your artistic eye into another realm of hidden treasure and uncharted territories for your creative muse. This tunnel book creates mystery, delight and a sense of wonder for all ages.
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  • Instant Abstract + Frame | A Mini Course
    In this mini-course with Jen O'Brien, you will be exploring color, scale, composition and texture to create a large abstract painting for your home. You are going BIG with this piece to inspire you to conquer fear, find joy in the process and to make a meaningful connection.
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  • Let Us Make
    An artful, playful exploration of creation, purpose, theology, and story, as you rediscover them all in Genesis chapter 1 of the Bible. This course with Sheila Atchley is for anyone who loves nature, art, and spirituality. You will play with techniques such as abstract flow art, botanical art, and expressive portraiture. If you’ve ever wished you could have an excuse to spend more time outdoors; if you’ve ever wished you could gain some perspective on your own story, and come to know for sure why you are alive, this is the course for you. All these things will be explored through art and scripture, in a safe, nonjudgmental and playful atmosphere.
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  • Paper Palettes | A Color Discovery Mini Course
    COLOR? Are you stuck in a rut? Are you confident about your choices when creating art? Want to experiment but not sure how to go about it? Want to be adventurous and step out of your color comfort zone? If you answered yes to one or all of the questions, this fun class will show you an exciting way to create a palette full of confidence! And guess what, you already have the supplies needed to get inspired. Kelly Hoernig will lead you on this creative journey.
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  • Fancy Lassies
    In this class with Kate Thompson, you will be creating fanciful girls using watercolors, pastels, and acrylics. You will make little watercolor paper books where we will explore techniques, prints, and color. Downloadable templates are provided for you to practice the painting techniques. You will learn how to draw the girls and then transform them into fanciful creatures with very different personalities. You will learn how to draw a portrait using charcoal and then layer the charcoal drawing with watercolors and white acrylic paint.
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  • Free Art Video: Supplies | Letting Go
    This free video is a fun mix of different mediums, techniques and a taste of how Jeanne Oliver likes to incorporate them into her work.
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  • Free Art Video: Hand Lettered Envelopes
    This free video with Jen Wagner is all about how to address an envelope using hand lettering with a pen and pencil.
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  • Free Art Video: Mixed Media Vintage Girls
    This free video with Jeanne Oliver is all about creating vintage girls with mixed media techniques. Using a canvas, paints, papers, Liquitex matte medium, modeling paste, random tools around the house to create texture (bubble wrap, shelf liner, credit cards, paper towel rolls etc.), brayer, Pan Pastels, charcoal pencils, white gel pens, oil pastels, marks all pencils.
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  • Chalkboard Art
    Free Art Video: Chalkboard Art
    This free video with Jen Wagner is a step by step tutorial on how to make chalkboard art.
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  • Free Home Video: Shop Your House
    This free video with Jeanne Oliver is all about using what you already own to create new spaces in your home. Shop your own home and bring your spaces back to life.
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  • Free Art Video: Hand Carved Stamps
    This free video with Jeanne Oliver is a step by step video how to carve your own stamps and ideas how to incorporate them into your art.
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  • Free Art Journaling Video: Reflections of Me
    This free video with Jeanne Oliver is a mix of different mediums and techniques with demonstrations in how to incorporate your own unique story into your work. You will learn collage, mark making, storytelling and how to paint loose florals.
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  • Studying Under The Masters: Becoming an Apprentice
    Have you ever taken an online course, gone to a retreat, purchased an art technique book and were taught an artist's techniques and mediums? Have you ever been worried about what is your style and what is "their" style? Have you ever been afraid to create art that was inspired by another artist? This course is for you! Join Katie Kendrick, Christy Tomlinson, Junelle Jacobson, Danielle Donaldson, Kate Thompson and Jeanne Oliver as we study under the masters.
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  • Listening: Finding the Quiet
    A free series all about finding the quiet and hearing the voice of God.
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  • Scribblepedia | Text Marks In Art
    Explore text-based mark-making with its power to transform color and layers into deeply personal mixed media art. Define your creative art story with Rae Missigman letter by letter with text-based mark making.
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  • Exploring Your Fears Through Collage
    Collage allows for us to find images that we may not be able to create otherwise. Looking through collected imagery; finding words, photos and pictures which illustrate your fears may begin the process of stepping toward them. Once this process is complete and organized in visual form, we will then gather images that help to heal, unravel and dispel the myth of that fear or fears and how it plays a role in preventing you from growing into your gifts. This course is taught by art educator and therapist Stacy Stultz.
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  • Art Journal It Out
    Join Brittany Soucy for this art journaling course. You will be taught how to use mixed media techniques, supplies and basic composition to create journals that tell a story and that you are proud of. You will learn portraiture, different styles and ways to find new ways of growing your art skills. You will layer handwriting with paint and gesso. You will build upon those layers with mixed media techniques and ephemera. You will learn how to add a focal point and find ways to express a thought or feeling through your journaling. You will learn new skills while creating something you love.
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  • Book of Trees
    In this class with Roxanne Evans Stout, you will dive whole-heartedly into the theme of trees and create a unique mixed media artist book that you will treasure forever! You will create a hand-stitched book and will collage with papers and fabrics, create textures and layers, and play with color. You will carve and print your own stamps and use images and quotes on the pages of your book. You will also stitch and attach beautiful treasures from nature with threads and wire. You will learn new creative processes, favorite techniques and writing prompts that will add magic to your pages and your journey of honoring trees.
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  • Women of Advent
    Art instruction focused on sketching and painting the face with Sheila Atchley. “The Women of Advent” also includes four weeks of soul-stirring devotional content, centered around the study of the four Old Testament women found in the genealogy of Christ.
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  • Inquire Within Mini Course
    In this workshop, with Stephanie Lee, you will build up a foundation of plaster, paint, and collage. You will then use the humble materials you have at hand to explore color and shape, light and shadow, and story-telling through imagery and mark making.
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  • Free Art Video: Documented Life Collage Journal
    I was a featured artist in the popular Documented Life Project 2016. This video was included in the series. I am now sharing it here on our creative network for you to enjoy too. It is a fun and rich video.
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  • Free Art Video: Favorite Supplies from Wild Awakening
    I wanted to give you free access to one of the 31 videos from our art course Wild Awakening | Painting Big With Expressive Freedom. This video is fun mix of different mediums and a taste of how I like to incorporate them into my work.
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  • Wandering Muse | Sketching, Sculpting and Metal Work with Jeanne Oliver
    Wandering Muse | Sketching, Sculpting and Metalwork
    Follow the muse with Jeanne Oliver. Create a plaster book to hold your sketches and design elements. Taking a cue from your sketches you will interpret them into lino cuts and prints. Bring those sketches to life through sculpture in clay and wood and then incorporate your marks with metalwork. This journey will leave you more aware of YOUR hand and how when you are open to what you create it will propel you to create art that is like no one else.
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  • Get You Badge On with Amy Hanna
    Get Your Badge On
    Amy will share her whimsical way of mixing delicate finds with forgotten treasures. If you are a beginner or a long time creator this will be a fun adventure for you to explore your forgotten treasure boxes, stashes of souvenirs, discarded trims, velvets and leather scraps. You will be mixing your elements to create one of kind gifts and unique wearable art pieces. You will learn how to design, cut out and personalize your own charms.
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  • Wild Blue Yonder
    Join Danielle Donaldson to learn to illustrate and watercolor a detailed scene filled with billowing clouds, bitty birds in flight, paper airplanes carrying top-secret messages, radiant sunshine, and dreamy rainbows.
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  • A Guiding Word
    A Guiding Word
    Go from Start to Inspired. Confidently add your favorite colors onto the canvas while mastering tips to quickly layer color and texture creating a background that’s beautiful on its own. Creating Art Marks and Mono Printing Techniques to add personality to the canvas.
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  • Mixed Media Magic
    Falling in Love with the Intuitive Process of Paper and Paint. Using Mixed Media we will loosen up, stay curious, and approach the creative process in a playful and intuitive fashion.
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  • Dainty Dioramas
    Dainty Dioramas
    Reawaken your inner child and experience the wonder and fun of shrink plastic! Watch as printed designs you cut out with scissors dwindle down to tiny artistic elements that you can arrange in miniature mixed media worlds. Stephanie will guide you through the entire process that includes cutting techniques, adding color and design, engineering and finishing you 3D shadow box assemblages. It's time to think the box when it comes to this marvelous material!
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  • Abstract Untangled with Cherie Wilson on Jeanne Oliver Community
    Abstract Untangled
    In this expressive class, Cherie Wilson invites us to untangle our inner dialogue as we explore her abstract process. This class is an opportunity for both personal growth and perspective, not only in our painting, but life itself! Cherie will gently walk you through several warm up's, beautiful color and value, and then on to 2 practice pieces, and finally an abstract Canvas .....with other fun bits along the way! Join us in a place of painterly freedom to grow and learn and make connections that words simply sometimes cannot.
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  • Mini Masters: Pippin
    Join Jeanne Oliver in this online art course as you study and create under Horace Pippin. Studying, practicing and then implementing techniques through art projects in watercolor, still life collage, mark making, sculpture and mixed media story telling.
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  • Mini Masters: Van Gogh
    Join Jeanne Oliver in this online art course as you study and create under Vincent Van Gogh. Studying, practicing and then implementing techniques through creating portraits and self portraits. Techniques with pen, ink, watercolor, graphite, chalk, and sculpture.
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  • Abstract Charcoal Portrait with Jeanne Oliver
    Free Art Video: Abstract Charcoal Portrait
    This is free video with Jeanne Oliver from the course Wandering Muse | Sketching, Sculpting and Metalwork. Using different kinds of charcoal through quick exercises and techniques to create an Abstract Charcoal Portrait . Sketching, wiping out of the substrate, and then bringing back definition. Working towards collecting our marks and how you create.
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  • Carbon Fun with Cathy Walters
    Free Art Video: Carbon Fun
    This is free video with Cathy Walters from her course Wild and Free Art Journaling. Get Un-Stuck! Deal with frustrations in your drawing abilities. You do not need to draw great to be an art journaler. Un-Stuck Strategy introduced in this video is using carbon paper. Join as we enjoy the process instead of struggling!
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  • Art as Allegory with Stephanie Lee
    Art as Allegory
    Join Stephanie Lee as you rekindle the power and joy of creating art as a way to represent an abstract or spiritual meaning dear to your heart. Through a sampler project you'll explore various combinations of plaster, encaustic medium, image transfers, collage, and paint. Creating a catalog of beautiful technique reference materials, to uncover which combinations embody your creative voice, revealing the path to your greatest joy and fulfillment in art making. Finish with compiling your sampler for display or through a simple, tactile (and easy) handmade book form as a reference, an inspiration, and as a work of art on it’s own.
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  • Free-Art-Video-TEXT-MARKS
    Free Art Video: Text Marks
    This is free video with Rae Missigman from her course Scribblepedia | Text Marks In Art. Text marks are an extension of our personalities & styles within our art work. Experiment with different types of texts & scribbles and note how they reflect you.
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  • Little Faces with Kate Thompson
    Free Art Video: Little Faces
    This is free video with Kate Thompson from her course Fancy Lassies. Have a glimpse of this journey with Kate as realistic meets whimsical. Draw two portraits using charcoal and then layer them with stabilo, white acrylic paint and watercolors.
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  • Handmade Journal with Jeanne Oliver
    Free Art Video: Handmade Journal
    This is free video with Jeanne Oliver from her course Paint Your Town: Mixed Media Urban Landscapes. Fat, chunky and full of layers! This handmade journal will be instantly well worn by creating from whatever you have. Watercolor paper, vintage ephemera, book pages, tea bags, library cards, deli paper. Even integrate copies of your art to adorn the pages as a substrate you won't be able to wait to create on!
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  • Free Art Video Bunny and Ellie
    Free Art Video: Bunny and Ellie
    This is free video with Danielle Donaldson from her course All Creatures Lovely and Small. Draw an elephant and bunny along with Danielle. Then add intricate watercolor washes, shadows, layers and details. Just what you need to get your illustrative spark to create your own watercolor animals!
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  • Quirky Characters with Lucy Cook
    Quirky Characters
    Join Lucy Cooke on a fun-filled sketching adventure! Let’s learn how to fall in love with drawing again, making small expressive portraits, even if you have never drawn a face before. Explore how to use simple materials to make fascinating and quirky characters that will make you smile!
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  • Feel The Pose with Pauline Agnew
    Feel the Pose
    The human body is a joy to draw and paint when you approach it with a sense of curiosity and wonder, and avoid getting too caught up in anatomical accuracy. Join Pauline Agnew as you engage your senses during the creative process and create a series of expressive, energetic, figure drawings, using different materials and approaches.
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  • Draw and See with Rebecca Sower
    Draw and See
    No matter what style of art you create, you will see it elevate to new levels by learning a few very doable approaches to drawing. Rebecca Sower believes that there is a point in this process where we begin to see differently. It changes everything in our art. She will walk you through, start to finish, unique and non-intimidating art pieces that will each begin with a different way to look at drawing. Finishing out each art piece using mixed media paints, mediums and techniques. You will end up with six art pieces of your very own that are ready to hang individually or as a group on the walls of your home.
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  • Creative Collage with Leslie Rottner
    Creative Collage
    Remember the feeling of playing with paper and glue in grade school? Feel that way again as Leslie guides you through her techniques for creating collage. Working in a series will allow you the time for exploring the possibilities and ultimately create a body of work ready to hang and enjoy.
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  • Mixed Media Directions with Rae Missigman
    Mixed Media Directions | A Path to Artful Discovery
    Join Rae Missigman in discovering the joy of spontaneous writing and the potential it has to create space for new ideas and inspiration. Combine paint, ink, pastels, and water color pencils to create luscious layers of depth and texture while transforming our musings into a foundation saturated with beauty. Create two projects to celebrate movement along your creative path.
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  • Sacredt Vestments Featured 835x500
    Sacred Vestments | Expressive Portraits and Figures
    Art is sacred and creating art is such a gift to our souls. The figures we will be creating are powerful and personally meaningful for each student. The focus is on faces with abstract figures and I guide you in creating vestments that will protect and honor the figures we will be creating.
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  • The Art of Alcohol Ink with Noelle Mena
    The Art of Alcohol Ink
    Open the door to the art of alcohol ink. Be free from old limitations. Discover new tools and techniques with Noelle Mena that will inspire you to create. Modern to Organic, Fine Art to Art Journal. Uncover your flow for this captivating ink.
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  • Animals | Sketch and Paint with Cathy Walters
    Animals | Inspired to Sketch and Paint
    Enter into Cathy Walther's studio as she shows you her process from start to finish. As an artist that paints and sketches animals every day, she will break down the process so that YOU can feel confident with proportions, line, color, and your own instincts for finding your style and inspiration.
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  • Art and Nature in Colored Pencil 835x500
    Art & Nature in Color Pencil
    Create with Kelly Hoernig as she introduces you to the alluring artistry of color pencil. Explore the ease of soft, subtle layers that build beautiful rich values as you develop light, shadow and define the details. Focused on nature and art supplies together, you will learn to create one-of-a-kind designs that reflect you and celebrate the gift of nature.
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  • Abstract Color and Composition with Cherie Wilson
    Abstract Color and Composition
    Join Cherie Wilson as she guides you into the color wheel and then compositional elements. This course is broken down into engaging fun exercises and completed projects that will build even more confidence in your use of color and your perspective in composition. A perfect start for beginning abstract painters, and for those who are ready to take their painting practice to the next level in Color and Composition awareness.
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  • Storytellers and Mavericks with Jeanne Oliver
    Storytellers and Mavericks
    Jeanne Oliver | Join me as we look into the eyes of those that have come before us. Let’s tell their story. The story of the Mavericks. The story of those that have waited for a time such as this. With sketching, painting, collage and mark making we will bring the past to life. We will take beautiful and broken stories and intertwine our own poetry and journey.
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  • Figuratively Speaking Featured 835x500 2
    Figuratively Speaking
    Join Dina Wakley to explore easy abstract figures that "speak" with asemic writing and text. We'll paint with acrylics and create interesting artworks that are full of texture and meaning.
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  • Studying Under Berthe Morisot
    Studying Under Berthe Morisot
    Studying under a master artist is great way to learn more about their lifestyle and artistic techniques. Join Michelle Wooderson as she dives into the wonderful world of Berthe Morisot, the forgotten Impressionist. Michelle will explore Morisot's pencil sketches, pastel, watercolor and oil paintings in up close detail. You'll learn to identify distinguishing characteristics of Morisot's mark making and beautiful brushstrokes and learn to incorporate them into your own work.
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  • Painting the Light | Expressive Watercolor
    Painting the Light | Expressive Watercolor
    Join Christie Drahnak on a journey into creating expressive watercolors. Boost your confidence by exploring techniques and exercises. Paint your ideas in a watercolor sketchbook. Create luminous paintings from photos in your own life. We will paint a flower, landscape and a scene with a horse. Learn the steps to creating your own compositions in watercolor.
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  • Daydreams and Window Light Featured 855
    Daydreams and Window Light
    Open the window and gather with Roxanne Evans Stout on a creative journey that will fill you with inspiration and creativity! Build a beautiful artist book filled with marks, textures, colors, symbols, collage elements and stitching. Paint and glaze deli paper to enhance our collages and make hinges and other treasures out of thin metal sheeting. See the world with fresh eyes, creating a unique book with pages that represent uniquely you!
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  • The Art of Connection Featured 835x500
    The Art of Connection | Painting an Expressive Portrait
    Painting a portrait is all about connection and feeling the essence of the subject. There is an energy that lies beneath the surface that longs to be tapped into being present during the painting process. We will explore this area while also learning the tools to create a face and make it speak without saying a word.
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  • An Illustrated Journey with Lorraine Bell
    An Illustrated Journey
    Journey along with Lorraine Bell as she takes you through the Italian countryside by way of the pages of her sketchbook. Lorraine has mastered the art of 'Wandering' and captures her adventures on the road through illustration, gathering and journaling. Learn to tell your own travel stories with comprehensive lessons on sketching and watercolor painting. See the world with an artist’s eye and build on the special moments that when combined together, tell a tale of a wanderer’s heart.
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  • Tracing Paper Figures with Dina Wakley
    Free Art Video: Tracing Paper Figures
    This is free video with Dina Wakley taken from her course Figuratively Speaking.  Using a technique of tracing paper and magazines, Dina helps you focus in on the idea of a figure.  Gain a feel for proportion and posture by the removal of details and use of abstraction.
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