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  • Free Art Video Bunny and Ellie
    Free Art Video: Bunny and Ellie
    This is free video with Danielle Donaldson from her course All Creatures Lovely and Small. Draw an elephant and bunny along with Danielle. Then add intricate watercolor washes, shadows, layers and details. Just what you need to get your illustrative spark to create your own watercolor animals!
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  • Handmade Journal with Jeanne Oliver
    Free Art Video: Handmade Journal
    This is free video with Jeanne Oliver from her course Paint Your Town: Mixed Media Urban Landscapes. Fat, chunky and full of layers! This handmade journal will be instantly well worn by creating from whatever you have. Watercolor paper, vintage ephemera, book pages, tea bags, library cards, deli paper. Even integrate copies of your art to adorn the pages as a substrate you won't be able to wait to create on!
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  • Little Faces with Kate Thompson
    Free Art Video: Little Faces
    This is free video with Kate Thompson from her course Fancy Lassies. Have a glimpse of this journey with Kate as realistic meets whimsical. Draw two portraits using charcoal and then layer them with stabilo, white acrylic paint and watercolors.
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  • Free-Art-Video-TEXT-MARKS
    Free Art Video: Text Marks
    This is free video with Rae Missigman from her course Scribblepedia | Text Marks In Art. Text marks are an extension of our personalities & styles within our art work. Experiment with different types of texts & scribbles and note how they reflect you.
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  • Carbon Fun with Cathy Walters
    Free Art Video: Carbon Fun
    This is free video with Cathy Walters from her course Wild and Free Art Journaling. Get Un-Stuck! Deal with frustrations in your drawing abilities. You do not need to draw great to be an art journaler. Un-Stuck Strategy introduced in this video is using carbon paper. Join as we enjoy the process instead of struggling!
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  • Abstract Charcoal Portrait with Jeanne Oliver
    Free Art Video: Abstract Charcoal Portrait
    This is free video with Jeanne Oliver from the course Wandering Muse | Sketching, Sculpting and Metalwork. Using different kinds of charcoal through quick exercises and techniques to create an Abstract Charcoal Portrait . Sketching, wiping out of the substrate, and then bringing back definition. Working towards collecting our marks and how you create.
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  • Free Art Video: Favorite Supplies from Wild Awakening
    I wanted to give you free access to one of the 31 videos from our art course Wild Awakening | Painting Big With Expressive Freedom. This video is fun mix of different mediums and a taste of how I like to incorporate them into my work.
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  • Free Art Video: Documented Life Collage Journal
    I was a featured artist in the popular Documented Life Project 2016. This video was included in the series. I am now sharing it here on our creative network for you to enjoy too. It is a fun and rich video.
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  • Listening: Finding the Quiet
    A free series all about finding the quiet and hearing the voice of God.
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  • Free Art Journaling Video: Reflections of Me
    This free video with Jeanne Oliver is a mix of different mediums and techniques with demonstrations in how to incorporate your own unique story into your work. You will learn collage, mark making, storytelling and how to paint loose florals.
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  • Free Art Video: Hand Carved Stamps
    This free video with Jeanne Oliver is a step by step video how to carve your own stamps and ideas how to incorporate them into your art.
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  • Free Home Video: Shop Your House
    This free video with Jeanne Oliver is all about using what you already own to create new spaces in your home. Shop your own home and bring your spaces back to life.
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  • Chalkboard Art
    Free Art Video: Chalkboard Art
    This free video with Jen Wagner is a step by step tutorial on how to make chalkboard art.
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  • Free Art Video: Mixed Media Vintage Girls
    This free video with Jeanne Oliver is all about creating vintage girls with mixed media techniques. Using a canvas, paints, papers, Liquitex matte medium, modeling paste, random tools around the house to create texture (bubble wrap, shelf liner, credit cards, paper towel rolls etc.), brayer, Pan Pastels, charcoal pencils, white gel pens, oil pastels, marks all pencils.
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  • Free Art Video: Hand Lettered Envelopes
    This free video with Jen Wagner is all about how to address an envelope using hand lettering with a pen and pencil.
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  • Free Art Video: Supplies | Letting Go
    This free video is a fun mix of different mediums, techniques and a taste of how Jeanne Oliver likes to incorporate them into her work.
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  • Creatively Made Kids
    A free DIY online series just for kids hosted by Madolyn Oliver.
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  • Creativity Takes Courage | Interviews with Courageous Friends
    Creativity Takes Courage is a free interview series with creative men and women from around the world. Be encouraged and inspired by the artists you already know and the men/women that you may meet for the first time.
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  • Salt + Light: Impact the World Right Where You Are
    Join 18 men and women as they share in this free online study all about impacting your world right where you are. A study sharing how the Lord can use each of us in our day to day lives. When we see the value in where we have been placed + our gifts we are able to collaborate with a God that has been waiting for us to say that we are ALL IN.
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  • The Living Studio
    The Living Studio is a FREE art video series! You will have the opportunity to watch technique and medium videos from some of your favorite artists. The hope is that you will learn what practices different artists use to make their art a daily practice and how they create their studio wherever they go.
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  • Free Business Video: Markets and Shows
    Free video with Jeanne Oliver all about selling, set-up and participating in Markets and Shows and advice as you grow this area of your business. Shows are a lot of hard work but also an incredible way to grow your brand, expand your clientele and connect with your buyer.
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  • Free Art Video: The Big Picture
    This is a FREE video all about seeing the "Big Picture". It is based upon Jeanne Oliver's journey of honoring her gifts, finding balance (if it even exists) and living a creative life she loves.
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  • Becoming the Unfolding of You
    Becoming: The Unfolding of You
    Join 20 women for an 8 part study about finding your true identity in Christ. Each lesson you will hear unfolding stories from the women where they will be sharing truths about who the Lord says we are and our personal journeys to accepting these truths.
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  • Free Art Video: Creating Patterns and Textures
    This free video is fun mix of different mediums, techniques and a taste of how Jeanne Oliver incorporates them into her work
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