We Were Asked to Move Back To DC…

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About five weeks ago we were told (out of the blue) that Kelly’s agency was bringing all field agents back to DC.  This would be a mandatory reassignment. We would have until mid-September to be back in DC to still have a job.  We met in DC and our Jack was born there but we have been in Colorado for the past 16+ years and this has truly been home to us.

I had just had a group of 17 teenagers come to the studio to play for the day and as the kids were getting on the bus Kelly met me to tell me he had a bombshell.  We went back to my studio and he started to tell me about the phone call he had just received. We proceeded to spend the next 7 hours talking, praying, making pro and con lists, looking at real estate in DC, hearing the hearts of the kids and each other. We talked (and drank wine) until we could talk no more. I felt like we talked until we had our answer that very first night.

17 years ago I quit my job in DC to stay home with Jack and Kelly was the sole provider of our family. About 10 years ago I unintentionally started a small home based business making journals, paper covered letters, frames, kid’s clothes and bags. During our marriage, every place we have lived, every home we have purchased, every vacation we have gone on has been based upon distance from Kelly’s job and what works with his 9-5 schedule.  As that unintentionally started business grew over the years we always looked at Kelly’s job as safe and reliable and secure. We were always holding onto the belief that his job was there “just in case” or as a “backup”. Even if the words were not spoken it was true in my heart. I never wanted to be responsible for our family financially.  Not solely. It felt like too much.

The funny thing about that call five weeks ago is that none of us knew at the time how much we needed that call. Do you remember when I asked the Lord to help us pray for BIG THINGS?  I wanted to pray for such big things in our life, marriage, family, and business that when things started to change that only the Lord would get the credit? Well, let me tell you…be careful what you ask for! Ha!

It wasn’t long after that when we went through our home journey HERE, HERE and HERE.  We also starting hiring more help that we desperately needed and then we hired more.

Five weeks ago that call felt like something that we could go along with or we could choose differently and it would be alright. No matter what happened. I felt like if we chose to go to DC that our business would grow and change but we would figure it out. That The Living Studio could become something based out of the art and culture right here in the US.  That we could give our kids a life very different from Colorado and that it would be beautiful and good. BUT was DC how we wanted our lives and business to FEEL right now? As wonderful as DC is was it where our hearts were guiding us?

If we did not go to DC we would be scared (for sure) but we could keep this gift of land, home and studio that we feel was divinely brought to us. In letting go of what we had told ourselves was “just in case” and our “backup” was maybe keeping us from what was next for us.  We could become a true team for the first time with this business that we created together but have never been able to 100% grow together.

So, after so much talking, praying, crying and wine drinking we have decided that Kelly will be retiring from his job of 24 years.  As of this summer, Kelly will be working beside me full time to love on our family, marriage, home, land, and business.  There is a huge unknown but we are also giddy with excitement about the freedom of making decisions each day based upon what feels right for our family, marriage, and business. We are choosing again how we want our life to feel and this time we are choosing to not have a “just in case” or a “backup” plan.

We are stepping out again and expectant of beautiful things. We are scared to death. We have so many unknowns but we are doing it together and we will see where it takes us.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being a part of what we are creating. There are so many big and beautiful things coming and they are being created for you too!



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  1. Maeva

    Wow! Life. It is amazing! May your family be truly blessed by this new direction.

  2. Val and Susan

    We are happy for your choice and hope it works out well for your family.

  3. Ilene Harris

    Good things will come from this. Doors and windows will open to new adventures you never even dreamed of. Blessings…

  4. farmfreshstyle

    Oh Jeanne!!! You and your family are such examples of stepping out in faith, knowing you are doing the right thing, scary as it may be! This new curveball will lead to such excitng things for you! Thank you for sharing this with us. xo

  5. Cheryl Wright

    Oh the blessed possibilities when you recognize, accept and surrender to God’s divine leading in your life. Onward in faith Jeanne! I’m holding you guys up in prayer.

  6. Elizabeth

    Making your decisions with the guidance and trust in God…your purpose and path will be secure. “Faith is the assurance of what we hope for; the certainty of whta we cannot see.” Hebrews 11:1. You guys are already modeling good decision making for other couples. Blessings on your journey…to where you already are!

  7. Sandra

    It’s so hard to let go of safe, even when you know that it’s what is needed to get you where you want to go. I will be praying for you and your family for continued courage and wisdom. Continued blessing for your hard work.

  8. Lisa Oliver

    Very exciting! David and I had a similar experience when our businesses grew and we needed him more and more. We work well together, as do you and Kelly, and iit will be awesome to be able to spend more time together and with the family! Oh, the places you’ll go! Congratulations!

  9. Stephanie Walker

    i always like to see how couples face touch decisions. This was great. Best of luck! God is good.

  10. Patty Green

    Words cannot describe how you must feel… start with ‘scared’ and then the rest will flow. How amazing that you and Kelly could work together on this next adventure and talk deeply and fully to come to a decision that you both (and your family) are at peace with. I can’t wait to hear more… <3

  11. Rachael

    Jeanne – thanks to you and Kelly for being such a witness to us. Thank you for sharing your journey and your faith. God has you and your family in His hands and I can not to see what is next. I love that you share not only your creative gift but your love for the Lord and your family. Thank you so very much for being so real with us. Keeping you in prayer… ??

  12. Nicole

    Prayers for continued favor upon you and your family! I can only imagine how scary yet liberating it may feel to know that you’re doing what you’re called to do and do it through prayer and faith. It reminds me to work on my faith every day and not to discount doors that may open to me out of fear.

  13. Rose D'Angelo Designs

    Fantastic!!! The Good Lord will not steer you in the wrong direction. Blessings!

  14. Jean McGee

    When I first read the title my reaction was, “O NO!!!”. Then I read and then my reaction is, “PRAISE GOD!!!!! He placed you where you live now knowing hubby would get that call………….GOD is S.T.I.I.L.L in control.
    One of my daily calendar devotionals for today said:” Without God, I can’t; without me, God won’t.” Amen! Amen!
    Jean McGee

  15. @terribaileydesign

    I too am at that jumping off point in my life, I agree that it is scary, unknown,full of uncertainties.
    Our family is apart of a homesteading family that dates back to the mid 1800’s, and we are the fifth generation keeping the place going.

    Alas, we are at an age and place where we can no longer carry the ball. The spirit is willing and the flesh is weak.
    So we have decided to give it up to God! And our faith in resting in those big all knowing arms is my comfort every day.
    I have cried, Jesus take the wheel! And he is only too happy to ablige.
    Do I feel anxious, sure, however, the creative process will remain with us always, and that is our ship that will lead us to our next safe harbor.

    Being apart of the network of faith based people, who share their stories, music, art, is what centers me to listen to the quiet voice of the spirit.
    Thank you to the 7000 + people of the “un folding and creativity takes courage, such an wonderful connection to be apart of.
    Wishing you the best to come!

  16. Jean Goza

    Bravo to you, Kelly and family. You are such an inspiration. I have no doubt that your success will grow in leaps and bounds. Thanks for sharing your story. It matters.

  17. Ramona

    I wish you all the best! I believe your family is strong and together you will continue to be successful. God Bless You.

  18. Rachel Callaghan

    Great decision!!! We can get too comfortable sometimes, and not extend ourselves. I can see exactly why you both made this decision, and am thrilled for all of your family, plus the lucky participants that live near enough to come to your studios. Can’t wait to see what develops!! x

  19. clarklauron2k17

    Good and bad things happen for a reason so we must be thankful to what we are facing through the days come and pass. Hope to hear you soon!

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