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Now onto your questions.

Bess asked…

That little French Cottage visit sounds wonderful! Have you stayed there before? Is fall a good time to go? Are there many flea markets around there? blah blah blah?? LOL ~Bess

This will be the first time I am staying at Sharon’s cottage.  After I spend a week in Paris with my husband I am taking a train (with my friend Tracey) to spend the next four days in the countryside.  We are looking forward to taking photos, enjoying the small villages and visiting the local brocantes.  I will let you all know if fall is a good time and tell you all about the flea markets we find.  We will be learning everything for the first time too.

This is my 40th birthday present and our first trip out of the country together.

Anastasia asked…

Oh your new course sounds awesome!! Are Australian gals allowed to enroll too??

Yes! My other e-courses had registrants from all over the world!  It is actually pretty amazing how the internet makes the world so much smaller.  We already have people registering for Creatively Made Home from all over…especially Australia.  We would love to have you.

Can you share your hair styling tips?! You have FAB hair!!!

Thanks so much!  I have really think hair that is naturally wavy.  I think that helps a lot.  I use whatever shampoo that catches my eye but I always use Moroccan Oil on my hair after it is washed.  Another amazing product is the Moroccan Intense Curl Cream.  I put this cream in my hair right after the shower and it helps to give me the most gorgeous beachy waves. (spell check keeps telling me “beachy” isn’t a word but I’m going with it).  I wash my hair every other day and I rarely blow dry it.  I wash my hair in the evenings and let is air dry over night.  I get the best curls and the best body in my hair. Nothing too special but this is what works for me and I really like my hair.  I think it may be time for a trim though:-)

This question came to me through email.

Can you explain to me what an e-course is? Is it live? What if I have to miss a week?  I think your new course sounds amazing but I have never done an e-course and before I sign up I was hoping you could explain it a little more.

This is a very common question and to help anyone that may have the same question I put together some common e-course questions and answers. I hope this helps.

Frequently Asked Questions

* What is an e-course?

An e-course in an online class. The class is held on a website. There is a private classroom that only people that have registered for the course can access. Before the class begins you will be sent a welcome email with a login and password to access the course. Each Monday (of the five week course) the full week of videos and content will be available. All videos are pre-recorded and you can watch them at your convenience. The videos will be up until the end of February. That will give you over 4 months to watch the videos again and again.


* When will we receive the login and password information to access the course?

All welcome emails will be sent out the night before the course begins. If you do not see your welcome email by the next day please check your spam folder. If it is not in your spam folder than please contact us with your order# and we will get you in the course promptly.

* Am I allowed to share my login and password with friends?

No. We have priced this course very reasonably and we have all worked very hard to give you a beautiful and inspiring course full of content. We would love to have your friends join us the proper way by registering. Thank you for honoring this request. We also promise to respect you by honoring the time and money you have spent for the course by giving you a beautiful finished product.

* What if I miss a week?  Will I be able to catch up?

Yes!  All videos are pre-recorded and available to watch at your convenience.  The course is five weeks long but the videos will remain  up for viewing until the end of February.  That gives you over 4 months to watch everything again and again if you wish.

*Do I need to be at the computer at a certain time to see a lesson?

No.  None of our videos are live.  We will have a live, written Q&A time once a week with one of the instructors.  If you miss this time slot you will still be able to read all the discussions on the website.

*What kind of internet and computer do I need to have to have the most success with the course?

To get the most out of the class you need to have a high speed internet connection and newer computer or mobile device that is equipped to stream video off of the internet.

*Am I able to watch the videos from my ipad?

Yes, our videos are ipad compatible.

*I live outside the United States.  Am I able to sign up?

YES!  We would love to have you.  We have people signed up from all over the world.

I hope that answers a lot of the e-course questions. Please email us at if you have more.


Linda asked…

Any chance you could give me your opinion on what to buy…I can finally purchase an SLR (and lenses?)!!

Lucky girl!  It is always a good day when you get to buy a new camera:-)  I went through a few cameras before I bought my last camera.    My best advice is to look at what you can afford.  You want to grow into your camera so maybe spend accordingly.  Don’t buy the bundled package.  Who cares about the camera bag and stock lens etc.  Buy the camera body you want and then buy a few lenses to go with it.  I think a good lens will get you far.  I think everyone should have a wide angled lens and then a prime lens like a 50mm.  Another good tip is to try different lenses out.  Go to a local camera store and really play with them and see which ones best suit you and your needs.

My camera now is a Canon 5D Mark ii

My three main lenses:

Canon 50mm 1.4

Canon 24-105 mm

Canon Macro Lens 100mm 2.8

Please keep in mind that I take photos as part of my business but I do not even need this high quality of a camera.  This was an extravagant gift by my husband.

When I opened it I cried and then insisted we return it because we couldn’t afford it.

I am now very glad he wouldn’t let me take it back:-)

If I could get one more lens I would get the Canon 24-70mm…but who am I kidding….that is not happening anytime soon:-)

That is the last question for this time.

Please keep your questions coming.

You can leave them for me on Facebook or email me at


I wanted to let you know that you only have FOUR MORE DAYS to get the early registration price for our new e-course!

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The women that I have asked to be a part of the course are phenomenal!

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This course will be coming out after the kids are back in school and in time for you to implement so much inspiration before the holidays.

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I believe it will change how you love your home, your family and your guests.

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I hope you all have an amazing weekend!

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