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As a creative, one of my favorite things in the world is to step into the creative space of another. I love when an artist shares their space, how they use it, a peek into their favorite tools and even what they are currently working on. I hope you will join me for the brand new An Artist Studio series! Each month a different artist will welcome us into their space!

I hope it will encourage you to cherish your own creating space.  I started on the kitchen table, built our business in an unfinished basement, filmed our first courses in a transformed dinning room, create now in a big space and know that I will find a creative space no matter where we go next. The space you have is perfect if you are showing up and creating in it!

Previous studio tours: Jeanne Oliver and  Stephanie Lee.

This month we have been welcomed into the studio of Sheila Atchley.












I’m Sheila Atchley. Artist-author, wisdom-chaser, preacher’s wife, life and creativity coach, and silver-haired ordinary mystic.

I’m a die-hard congregant, and a flagrant creative.

I have a semi-empty nest, a handsome preacher-husband, and seven adorable grand-wildlings.

And I over-use the hyphen.  Proudly.

While I am equally drawn to words and art, words are my defining first love, and a big part of my art form.  I’m here to encourage you with paint, prose, and poetry. Hence, the paint brush and the ink pen in my sketchy little home-made logo.

I have no shame. No really, I have no shame.

I’m here to unleash an army of women who celebrate for no reason – an army of women whose metric is grace.

My main mission is the middle age woman.  This beautiful season of life is under-celebrated, and under-valued.  Middle aged women do not get enough support.  I aim to change that, when and where I can.  I believe that (like Abraham and Joshua of scripture) “everywhere the soles of your feet tread shall be yours…the Lord will extend your boundaries…”.

Middle age is a vast and gracious land. It is a Promised Land…disguised as a battle. It is a land where many of us now find ourselves walking, a place where the potential fruit is enormous – if we are willing to slay some giants.

I’m busy doing just that in my personal life, in my art, and in my writing and speaking ministry.  I want to help you extend your boundaries. I want to help you inherit what’s legally yours, in every season.  

After all, if I encourage the women, I encourage the world.

I invite you to sit down, relax, and please overlook my hair (it is its own light source, my apologies).

Let’s talk about the things that really matter – and laugh about the things that really don’t.


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  1. Wilma Prohaska

    This studio tour was very entertaining an such an inspiring gift! You’re so devoted to your creativity and I can see throughout your different spaces, that your whole family, -specially your husband- are devoted to you too. I love the easel table and that dresser that opens forever and protects your back. Those altered pieces are an act of love .
    I created my own beautiful art room too ,but I’m creatively blocked for the past 2 yrs. I’m slowly coming back. (But I’ll create anyone’s art room in a snap ,if asked 🥴). Thank you.

    1. Sheila

      Hello, Wilma! Thank you for the gracious words – I hope you’ll consider taking my class “Middle Makers – A Blueprint for Late Bloomers” when it comes out. Because I understand those blocks….so deeply. Also, come find me over on Instagram – there’s pretty consistent encouragement there. Let’s come alongside one another!

    2. sheila

      Thank you Wilma! That man of mine is a sweetie for sure. Hey…I understand creative blocks. I hope you’ll take my class when it comes out – I talk about some of these things in it. YOU WILL BE BACK.

  2. Katie

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    This 75 year old child at heart creative woman thanks you! I cannot wait for your class to be finished so I can gather my afternoon of life friends to do it together.

    1. Sheila

      Hi Katie! You’ve made my day. At 75, you are ABSOLUTELY in the middle. 🙂 Your age group is one of my very favorites to watch BLOOM.

  3. Janet Asbury

    Love me some Sheila A.!!! Fun to tour her creative spaces and be able to visualize her at work =). So very lovely!!!

  4. Candice Schwark

    Beautiful, Sheila – thank you so much for sharing – so glad that I got to meet you last Fall, and proud that a giclee of yours hangs in my home. God’s continued blessings on you and your family!

  5. Julie P Dodson

    Loved it! So fun to see how artists function in their workspaces and what fun to see where my beloved Atchley pieces were created. Sheila, you are always my inspiration for creating art. Thank you for heeding the call to be a Maker!

  6. Anna Marie Sprain

    Love, Love, Love your spaces! Mad creative that you are and such a blessing to all those who know you. Tim rocked that packaging area for you he could paten that design! Thank you for your creativity and your inspiration to others. Blessings!

    1. Sheila

      Thank you, Anna! He really did rock that piece of vintage furniture. And it KEEPS ON saving my butt…er…back.

  7. Jennifer Salyer

    Finally made some time to be able to watch your studio tour. Love love love!!!! Can’t wait for the Blueprint! One day I’m gonna visit the cul-de-sac – it’s on my bucket list!!!!

  8. Angel

    So much fun, thank you for this. My favorite spot is the BS corner, it is so inspiring to see this.

  9. Merrilee Anderson

    Love that shipping table! I have a similar piece- saved from my husband’s aunt- but I never thought about raising it up- such a great idea! Thank you for sharing your beautiful home and private spaces – I’m sure that was a vulnerable thing to do but it gave me so many great ideas! (that phone holder!) Looking forward to the course you described!

  10. Libby

    Thanks so much for this tour. I started making art the same way…all over my house until my husband graciously (or out of defense) built me a room over the garage complete w/ a sink as MY OWN ART SPACE! I look forward to taking one of your classes & MIDDLE MAKERS will be the first beginning today.

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