Good Morning!

It is a cool and rainy morning here in Colorado.

It is only just beginning to feel like summer and we don’t get very much rain so we are appreciating the extra moisture.


We just finished our school year and we are ALL thankful to be done.

I always look forward to the three month break so I can get renewed and gear up for another school year.

Right now I don’t want to see one math book, pencil or eraser…but by the end of summer I am excited to learn again with my children.


Our children go to a one day a week enrichment program through the public school.

On the last day of school this is what I handed out to the teachers…

I think they like me best.


A few months ago we tore out all of the bushes that bordered the front of our house.

They had been planted ten years ago and were becoming more like trees than bushes.

With the guidance from my friend Alexis (gardener extraordinaire) we had decided to go with white Iceberg roses and strawberry plants as ground cover.

We have A LOT of rabbits in our yard so we also chose to border the garden bed with cilantro to detour the rabbits away from the strawberries.

I will let you know if it works:-)

It has been fun to start our spring off with some extra gardening and even planning a vegetable garden along the side of our house where we have terracing.

{I will have a whole post soon about the gardening we have been doing}


I had to show you the most gorgeous print I recently received from the incredibly talented Pam Garrison!

I found a frame at Micheals (50% off of course) and painted it the turquoise accent color we have used many times in Maddy’s room.


I am heading out this Thursday to teach at a retreat in Utah and can’t wait to create with all of the women.

{One woman had to back out last minute and I think there is one spot left if you want to join us!}

I still can’t believe this is my life and how I get to make a living.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


My children loved a quick sleepover they had with their cousins last week and their time was divided between playing outside and creating together.

They are all so sweet together and I love that my sister is so close.


In less than three weeks we (I am taking Kelly with me) leave for Italy.

We wish we could afford to take the children (so do they).

I have really been trying to workout more and watch even more what we eat.

In our house it has been referred to “Operation Italy”:-)

I think I am the only one playing along…oh well!

I am even gearing up to do another few days of a juice cleanse.

Do you remember the last time I did that?

I almost ate my children.

You have been warned!


I had told all of you about the art day I recently hosted with Katie Kendrick.

I was so surprised the other day when Katie dropped off this beautiful painting just for me!

Of course I added it to my art wall…in my bathroom.

Isn’t that where everyone keeps their favorite art?

Thank you sweet Katie!


This past weekend Kelly and the boys went to our church’s annual father/son camp-out.

It is three days of tents, junk food, bonfires, paintball, archery and listening to the dads snore all.night.long.

This was the first year that Ben was old enough to go and he felt so big and he came home SOOOO dirty.

It was a successful weekend.

While the boys were away I was able to soak up just Maddy and enjoy our favorite girly activities.

We went shopping, out to dinner, had our own spa night, danced in the living room, laying out at the pool, watched movies and went to the flea market.


This week we launched our new bags for summer.

We also released the newest interview in our free video series Creativity Takes Courage.

If you haven’t had a chance to watch the video you won’t want to miss it…Christy Tomlinson was my guest.


No first few days of summer are complete without me getting a horrible sunburn.

It is as if I forget the power of the sun and my inability to get sunscreen on every part of my exposed body.

I am still feeling the effects of too much sun on Sunday.


The other day I was drinking my morning tea and looked over to see this…

It could be the newest trend for practicing piano!


Tomorrow my first baby turns 13!!

I don’t know how that happened so quickly but we plan to celebrate my sweetheart-ed, funny, smart, dimpled boy.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

{if you are wondering about all of the cute additions to my recent Instagram photos they are from A Beautiful Mess}