Reflections of Paris {Final Installment}

This will be the final photos from my trip to Paris in the summer of 2010.

You can find the other posts HERE, HERE and HERE.

I have loved reminiscing about my time in France.

{I would like to point out that it was very windy…I am not really pregnant:-)}

My final day is Paris was seeing some of the architecture that would be a sin if you missed.

{FYI…it is a little bit perfection to be at the Louvre eating macaroons from Laduree}

There were many cafe stops along the way and then the perfect dinner in a little, out-of-the-way treasure.

I adore you Paris.

See you soon!

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  1. mgriffin

    What an amazing city! And your photographs are stunning perspectives!! I’m so glad you are able to return soon! Thanks for sharing….until next time:)

  2. karlene

    you look beautiful!!!!!!!!!! super beautiful…….and I LOVE that you used the picture, windy or not.

    dreamy trip!! happy day!!

  3. Maija Lepore

    Beautiful photos from your Paris adventure!
    I have some of the same shots!!

  4. WendyW

    Great photos. I have been drooling through all the episodes! I bet you can’t wait to go back again there this year! Thanks Jeanne, for all the inspiration, as always xx

  5. Sandy

    Beautiful Jeanne! Make sure not to wait 2 years to share your photos of this years trip! :0) Thank you for sharing Paris with us!


    Hi Jeanne,

    Your photos are amazing. They could be in a book they are so beautiful. I dream of the day I can go to Paris. What model and make of camera did you use? I am looking to purchase a DSLR camera and am still researching which one to buy. I am pretty sure it will be a Canon, just not sure which one.

  7. Tracey

    Ha, Steve took a picture of me on this last trip in the exact same spot you are standing!! Really beautiful photos Jeanne!!!


    🙂 T

  8. ginanorma

    Oh so beautiful shots! I was in Paris in 2001 and really hope to get back one day soon, it’s seriously the best city in the world I think, I’m convinced of it;)

    I wish I had been into taking pictures more when I was there, but I just wasn’t…which brings me to tell you that I adore your work, I adore your class you offer on creativity, because one thing I have realized lately as a blogger is that I have to focus on MY God given gifts. I use to focus so much, like most of us, on other women’s gifts, and it would eat me alive. I am finally content and not wishing I was gifted differently and am embracing my gifts and how God wants me to use them, yet I feel like I could grow more! I already have grown and evolved so much in blogging but I know it could be more, and your class would be perfect! I can’t express how much I love your work!

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