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Kate Thompson | Teacher

I have always been a creative person, studied and received a degree in Fiber Arts and worked as a textile print designer in the apparel business in Los Angeles for 20 years. My real education started in 2009. I started painting and I haven’t stopped. I became so focused with my work and developed a discipline to practice every day. After a couple of years of devoted practice I saw improvement. The point is I was not a natural painter. I really had to work at it and found I loved the discipline I put on myself to grow as a painter. I am a Mixed Media Artist and what that means to me is the combining of mediums. I work with watercolors and gesso, acrylics with oil, pastels with inks or all of them put together. I am an experimenter. I create my own substrates using vintage linens or painting on ledger paper. I also paint on more traditional substrates such as watercolor paper and canvas. I like adding plaster to everything! Right now my focus is on portraits and figures, but I am open to painting flowers , buildings and animals (as you will see in my new class). I like painting in muted colors and earthtones. I also love to paint color and this year every one of my paintings will have some pink in it. I really love pink which is surprising because I was always a tom girl.

I teach online as well a studio classes. I teach all over the United States, here are a few venues- Random Arts, Saluda, NC, Donna Downey Studio, Huntersville, NC, Art and Soul, Portland, Virginia Beach , Art Unraveled ,Phoenix as well as private workshops. My passion is focused on the creative process and I am as passionate about teaching as I am at creating art.

I sell my work on my website as well as at all teaching venues.

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