Fall Kitchen and Recipe Tour 2016 | Mini Home Video Too

Welcome to our first home tour in our new home! Thank you for joining me for the Farmhouse Holiday Series. Come back each week over the next few months and get peeks into our home dressed up for Fall and Christmas.  Our hope is that this series will be glimpses into our homes during the holidays, and that we will be sharing inspiration for simple cozy spaces.

We went on a crazy home journey within the past year and you can read about it here, here and here.  We had no interest in moving and then here we are. It was a year ago this month that we looked at that first home and all of the adventuring began.

We have been in this home for 6 months now and we have worked the hardest to turn an unfinished workshop and garage into our new studio.  We have so many ideas and plans for this home and we have been having the best time making it ours.  Today we are taking a peek into our kitchen and this is an area where we will only be making small changes for awhile.  Before we moved in we had the whole house painted Nano White by Behr (ceilings, walls, baseboards) and we had the window frames painted Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams. We also replaced all of the lighting throughout the whole house. It is amazing what just paint and lighting can do to transform a space.

All of the homes we put offers on were mid century or more modern homes.  We had been wanting this change for awhile and it feels so good to have this new creative energy. Creating comfortable and beautiful spaces within our home for our family and friends is one of my greatest joys.  I am not in a rush to fill the space and want to allow the space to organically come together.



One of our favorite parts about this new house is the layout and all of the windows.

I love making breakfast each morning and looking out the back windows and seeing the mountains. If we are really lucky we will see our favorite residence of our woods…the does and fawns.

I hope that never gets old.

We were able to take many of our vintage pieces and mix them with more modern pieces in this home and I think they work beautifully together.

I have learned to carry scissors in the car so I can cut all of the wild flowers along the side of the road on my way home each day:-)

I like to have my cooking staples on hand and easily within reach.  I love creating layers in decorating throughout the house and the kitchen is no exception.

I change out everything on the vintage cutting board each month based upon the season and what plants I can find.

I love including our children’s art throughout the house and I adore this sculpture that our Maddy made a few years ago.

I love when they will let me show them art techniques and then they run with it and create mini masterpieces in my eyes.

We had originally planned to put up open shelving in this area but we have loved the mix of the vintage shoe trolley with the white ironstone and other collected serving pieces.

We have lots of years to play with this space.

While I was in Normandy a few years back I found some of the most wonderful vintage grain sacks.  I framed many of them and you will find some of them around this home.

If you have vintage needlepoint or fabric but you don’t know what to do with it I highly recommend framing it. It adds so much interest and texture to a room.

Because I know that photos make it hard to feel the flow of a home I wanted to make a quick kitchen video for you all.

Kitchen Video Tour


I love cooking for my family but also having friends over and casually and comfortably entertaining.

The biggest thing that I have learned over the years is to cook things that I love to cook and things that I have cooked so many times that I am not stressed with my guests.

So, make a fun cocktail for your guests and enjoy cooking for your friends and family and keep the focus on them and having a great time.

I have included a few of my favorite recipes below with videos that were created for my Art of Home online course from last fall (back when I had red hair:-)).

Butternut Squash + Sausage Soup

Butternut Squash + Sausage Soup Video



Easy Cocktail Recipes Video


Come and check out all of the beautiful glimpses into the other kitchens in the tour.

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  1. Rachel Schindler

    By chance do you know where your kitchen cabinets are from? and I love love love how you mixed the modern with the rustic elements. Nicely done!!

  2. Shannon

    I always love a peek into your world and your new home is amazing!! I am loving the idea of framing vintage grain sacks, did you use the glass when you framed or just the frame? I have a few with my girls initials that I think would be so neat to frame!

  3. jeanne Author

    Shannon, thank you!!! I do not use glass over the grain sack. I love seeing the texture and I don’t like the glare that the glass would produce. Please share if you end up framing the initials!

  4. Leilani

    You’ve created another beautiful space! I love the clean look of the white paired with the soft wood surfaces and vintage items. The artwork really has room to “glow” and speak. Well-done! Thanks for sharing it with us and inviting us in!

    1. jeanne Author

      Thank you! I am loving the mix of styles too. We are having a lot of fun in this new space and we can’t wait to keep making it more and more us.

  5. Rachel

    I’m obsessed with your house Jeanne. The juxtaposition of the modern with the vintage and rustic– I die. I normally shy away from modern clean lines, but I look at your house and think, yup, I could move in there! 😉 Love your videos and especially the video tour. Where is your linen sofa from? It looks like the most comfy thing on earth!! Oh! and that soup sounds delicious– I’m going to try it!

    1. jeanne Author

      Rachel, you are so precious! I can’t wait until I have a break in my day and can jump around to everyone’s blog. Thank you for all of you sweet comments. We are loving the mix of the modern and vintage. The linen couch is from Restoration Hardware. It IS the most comfortable couch! The soup is awesome and the sausage makes all the males in this house happy!:-)

  6. Kathleen Duncan


    Your home is stunning. Love, love, love EVERYTHING about it. You style reigns supreme and suits the home perfectly!!!

  7. Gina

    Jeanne, your house isn’t even close to what I would call “my style,” but I have loved seeing every peek, tour, snippet since you moved here!! It is just beautiful and it feels so warm and homey. The contrast of modern and vintage is perfection!! I could live here. Your love of home and family shines through!! 🙂 Thank you for the inspiration! Now I feel like going and fluffing my kitchen!! 🙂

  8. Debi Huntsman

    Jeanne, I have a huge crush on your house! I love how beautifully your vintage/farmhouse style lives within your modern home. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Peggy

    Jeanne, your home is beautiful!! Honestly i think it represents you to a T! Ok a quick question about the floors. hardwood? Were they already in the home? We are looking at updating our floors and are asking everyone we know who has hardwood floors for recommendations. Thank you!!! ?

  10. JEANNE szewczyk

    I absolutely love your new home. I’ve been waiting for you to do a tour and this one really hit the mark. It’s beautiful and I can see why you consider this house and land a blessing. Can’t wait to see more in future weeks. Did you have to sell or donate much of your furniture? I want to move but I have so much stuff to get rid of first it’s overwhelming.

    1. jeanne Author

      Thank you so much. This house is much larger than our last home so I don’t feel we got rid of furniture (we actually had lots to purchase) but that we got rid of stuff. As soon as we saw that first house (that we didn’t get) I was selling stuff like crazy.

      1. Jeaane Szewczyk

        I think it’s good to move periodically as it makes you go thru all your “stuff” and edit things down to what you truly love. We should have done that a long time ago since we’ve been in this house for 36 yrs. But I guess it’s never too late to start!

  11. LeAnn Porter

    love it all so much! what a transformation from your last cozy home. Still all cozy but in a more modern way. so lovely. Making the soup this week…where can i find truffle oil…never used it but sounds yummy!
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful space

    1. jeanne Author

      Thank you. You can find truffle oil in most grocery stores, Trader Joe’s or William Sonoma. I hope that helps.

  12. Leslie

    I absolutely love your home . . . and I could just hug you. You make all of us feel like best friends — what a gift! I’m saving pennies to come to one of your studio classes. Blessings on your sweet head for this coming holiday season.

  13. jezuri

    Love your new kitchen, Jeanne! I look forward to seeing more of your home. Thanks so much for the soup recipe. I just bought butternut squash today. 🙂

    1. jeanne Author

      Thank you so much! I hope you love the soup. I have to make it this weekend because the buttery sage is calling my name:-)

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  15. Wendy Wainwright

    Jeanne, your new house is divine!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing the pictures, and video and recipe. Wish I lived closer so that I could come to one of your studio classes. God bless you and your family xx

  16. Amy C

    Jeanne, I have been following you for years, and I LOVE what you have done in your new home! I tend to mix vintage with modern too! This is a glorious space that must be even more beautiful with a view of the snow out of those wonderful windows! So happy for you and your family. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  17. Rose D'Angelo Designs

    Ms. Jeanne, Not sure if you have answered this question already, but did you make the bench at your dining table?? Loved it!

      1. Rose D'Angelo Designs

        Thank you for the quick response, Ms. Jeanne! Your home is absolutely stunning. Blessings to you!

  18. Pingback: Fall Home Tour - Ella Claire

  19. Jennifer Door

    What a lovely and welcoming home you have created! Will you share the source of the light hanging over your kitchen table?

  20. Merrilee Anderson

    Love the video- you’re right it captures much better the layout/flow of your home. I love the LIGHT! Looks like a wonderful creative and family space. So fun to see all of your spaces (I loved the studio updates too) and I can’t wait to see your decorating through the seasons. Hugs from Pennsylvania.

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