Finding Fall Home Tour 2016

This is our first fall on our new land and in our home and we are loving all of the surprises.

Want to know the surprise we are loving the most right now?

We have a huge apple tree!

We had no idea because we bought our land and home in the middle of winter. I have always wanted an apple tree and this home has THREE!

We have already made apple crisp and we are making another one today.

We will have more apples than we know what do to with so friends and local horses may be getting buckets of apples delivered to their homes and stables.

Another wonderful surprise is watching how the sun comes through our windows each season. It is all so new and beautiful to us. I feel like we fall in love deeper with this home and land a thousand times a week. We also were able to walk the land and clip all of the branches and flowers that we used though out the house for the tour!


I am so honored to be included in Finding Home’s Finding Fall Home Tour.

Laura has gathered so many designers and bloggers that I adore and she has done something a little different this year.

All of the homes are featured today!

You can visit all of the homes all at once, you don’t have to wait over the week and you can instantly get tons of inspiration for your own home.

All of the links will be at the bottom of this post and you won’t want to miss one of them.

Thank you Laura for inviting me back and allowing me to share our new home (I have also included a short walking tour video too).


When you first walk into our home this is part of your view.

Library and Music Room

This room is one of my favorite rooms in the house because of the positioning of the space, the huge wall of windows, the light, the view into the side garden and of course the gorgeous bookcase I designed and then had built by my brother!  We love this room and how much use we get out of it.  The bookcase transformed this room and it was one of the first things we had done in the home (because how long can a girl live with her books in boxes?).

If you are interested in ordering a large gallery wrapped canvas print of my art above our piano please contact us at

We would love to custom order one for you.

The Living Room

This room was the previous owner’s dining room but with a large kitchen table and multiple outdoor dinning spaces we thought a living room made more sense for our family.  The biggest thing we did in this space was add this fireplace that I designed. I think it feels like it was original to the home.

When we moved in we had the whole inside of the house painted (ceiling, walls, baseboards) Nano White by Behr and we changed out all of the lighting. That alone made a HUGE impact on the feel of the home.

Watch the home video tour so you can understand the flow of the house a little better (if you want).

The Kitchen

We love the beautiful levels of this home, all of the windows and the open floor plan.

The Family Room

I am only giving you a peek into this space. You will have to come back tomorrow for a special post just on the family room.

The Master Bedroom

We have never had a ranch style home before (even though nothing about this home really fits a ranch description). We are loving having our bedroom right off the living room and on the main level. We also have a fun deck off our bedroom with a hot tub that we use all throughout the winter. The stars at night out here are insane! I had forgotten how incredible the sky looks in the country at night.

The Back Deck

Off of our kitchen we have a huge deck that we are loving! It has become another room of our house and when the weather is nice you will find Kelly and I out here in the morning talking and having coffee.  You can’t see in these photos but you can see the mountains from the deck and I wish I could record the sound of the birds in the morning and the sound of the wind through the pines.  On this day that the photos were taken we were getting ready for our kids to have some friends over to celebrate the start of school.  We grilled out, placed volleyball and ate too many s’mores.

The Side Garden

This is the last stop in the tour. I loved this space from the beginning because out of our 7 acres it is the only fenced in area and I am a sucker for gates. What is a girl to do?  We have started filling the raised beds and we are working on a new cedar porch that will allow you to walk right out into the garden. My favorite part about this space has to be the view of the butte and finding one of the kids reading in the hammock.

Video Home Tour


I can’t wait to show you later some of the trails we have made throughout the woods on the land.  Better yet…I would love to have you come to one of our live workshops at our new studio here on our land.

If you love before and afters (come on…who doesn’t) come and check out the transformation of a large workshop/garage into my studio.

If you want to read all about our journey to this home and land you can read about it here, here and here.  We had no interest in moving and then here we are.

It was a year ago this month that we looked at that first home and all of the adventuring began.

Thank you for stopping over and joining me for my fall home tour!

Now, don’t stop here. You have to check out the rest of the tour…

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  3. Laura

    I loved your old home so much and this home is so different – and yet, it is so perfectly you and so beautiful. Thank you so much for inviting us in!

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  5. Beth Hunter

    Your new home is breathtaking! And how wonderful to discover three apple trees on the property! Thanks for showing us around and inspiring us with your gorgeous photography.

  6. Annie

    Your new home is stunning; what a beautiful tour to enjoy and lovely inspiration! I love the linens and that wooden bowl of apples in your kitchen – lovely!!

  7. Christina Aiton

    Thank you for sharing your lovely home. A question – where did you get the incredible textured pillows on the couch in your living room?

  8. Julie

    Stunning stunning home!! What a gift. And the video tour was an extra treat!
    I would love to know who the artist is for the music in your bedroom!

  9. Cindy in Oklahoma

    I could stay here and browse these photos all day long. Everything about your home speaks to me…. the art, the books, that piano, those vignettes, the bedding, the leather, the vintage wood pieces, . It feels as though everything has meaning.. which is what a home should be – a place where everyone and everything has meaning… thank you so much for sharing.

    1. jeanne Author

      Thank you! I absolutely live by that and it is so special to me that it shows. Everything has meaning and everything is USED!!!

  10. Alida

    Oh Jeanne, just WOW, love your home that’s at the same time luxurious and earthy. Soulful, thoughful and beautiful. Hope that you would at some stage link all your favourite artists. But I think my favourite is Maddie’s.

    1. Alida

      Ps: noticed the heart shaped light pattern on the piano room’s floor…and the repetition of the ladder pattern…

  11. Wendy

    Everything is so beautiful! You have such a great eye!! Where did you find that amazing bowl that your apples are sitting in? I’ve been looking for something like that forever! Thanks!

  12. Stacey Keeling

    Jeanne, I love seeing your home…this one and the previous one. Your personal touches are everywhere and it doesn’t look like everybody elses. I love that.

  13. Lauren

    Jeanne, you house is absolutely amazing! I love every inch of it! It must be a dream for you and your family! I know what you mean about how simply changing the light fixtures can change the look and feel of each room. We are in the process of doing that now. Could you share where you purchased your light fixture for the living room? I’d love to know!

  14. Vanessa Hunt

    Jeanne!! Your new home is incredible!!! I think what I really love the most is that you have honored the style and architecture of it while still having it reflect your style. The perfect blend! Now if only I could come over for one of those s’mores. So fun to be apart of this tour with you and I’m still treasuring in my heart our time together at Haven…I’m about ready for another margarita! 😉

  15. Krista

    What a beautiful home! I never thought I could love modern, but your mix of modern with eclectic and rustic is gorgeous and how lucky to be able to live in Colorado…one of my most favorite places! Thanks for the beautiful tour!

  16. Alyson Bird

    Love your home so much. Love everything you have done. You are my new design icon.

  17. Donna

    So gorgeous! Every room is unbelievably pretty. Love all the windows! Could you give me some info. On your table, sofa, and the lights on the wall in the bedroom? Love the container holding the apples! What a treat to see everything.

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  19. Brooke

    This is so incredible!!!!! I love every square inch of what you’ve done! I built a new home 3 years ago, and one of my biggest regrets is my white vinyl windows. I want them to be black!!! When you painted your windows, were they white before? And were they wood framed or vinyl?? I’m dying to know if I can paint my vinyl windows black. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! I love that it looks so posch and cultured and beautiful and yet so liveable too. Hard to achieve that balance and you’ve done so well!

  20. Candace Yergensen

    Love your home and property so much!! Where did the stools in the kitchen come from, love them!

  21. Donna

    I loved your old house a lot too and this one equally. They are both so different. I noticed when my sister moved recently, she’s decorating her new one differently too. Could you give me some info. On your table and the metal canister vase on it? Loved everything.

  22. Olive + Vi

    What a beautiful home! I love it! We have a ranch that we hope to remodel in the next couple of years so I will be turning to yours for inspiration. 🙂 Just wondering where your carmel leather chairs are from in your music/library room? Love them! Thanks!

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