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It was now time to pack up and say goodbye to Aistisfoul. Hadn’t we just arrived and unpacked all of our clothes and organized our art supplies? How was it already time to go?


We were about to head deep into the desert and it would be the adventure to the rest we had just experienced. We were told to only pack a few items and the rest of our bags would be waiting for us when we returned at the edge of the desert.


With our small bags and lots of water we loaded into three different 4×4 vehicles. We would drive about 90 minutes until we stopped at an oasis before we really left all civilization to our final destination.





Here we were at the edge of the Sahara with the rolling dunes, tents for respite from the sandy winds, a moment to sit together to eat and then the pure joy and fear (each person reacted differently) of riding camels!




Once again the beauty of this world was overwhelming. What a world we live in and so much of it I will never see. What an honor to experience this awe and wonder and to rejoice at such a creative God.


As Alexis and I were walking on top of the sandy dunes we were overcome by the foreign beauty of this place, the true treasure and depth of our friendship and to have found such a friendship in the first place. With tears in our eyes we both gave the Lord all of the glory and honor.


I am a five on the enneagram and Alexis is a seven (life of the party). I am private, an observer, a gatherer, a learner, I am more fearful but still push through it and my true and deep relationships have foundations of authenticity and trust. My circle is small but so mighty.






After our wonderful ride on the camels it was time to load back up and drive another 3 ½ hours into the desert. At the time I had wondered why we weren’t just camping at this location. Oh, thank goodness I was along for the adventure and just allowed Michelle to once again take me on a journey! Guys! What is coming was worth all of the driving, all of the motion sickness and all of the effort. Think of the things we miss because we think the EFFORT is too much, too long etc. We rob of ourselves of so many  unexpected gifts.