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The first full day in a new city usually is full of too much to take in and when you are as far away from home as Africa it means new languages, smells, sounds, textures, colors, social norms, clothing, and even worship. I had a hard time keeping up with the group that first day because I kept on noticing the little things. The tiles, the light against the stucco, the smell of the orange blossoms, stall after stall of goods being sold in the souk, sacks open spilling over with spices, donkey-drawn carts full of goods, cats around every corner often with a kitten close by, alleyways that felt more like mazes that gave no hint of where I was and left me with no touchstone of where I was in the city and the unexpected beauty and history that surprisingly waited behind simple doors. Marrakech was hidden and unexpected beauty. There are layers to this city and nothing is as it first appears.

















*Souk-an Arab market or marketplace; a bazaar.


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