2014 Holiday House Walk

{If you like the images on our mantle you can print them out HERE. We are all crazy for them and love how whimsical they are! Alice, I think you are the bees knees.}

I am so glad you have stopped by and I can’t wait to welcome you into our home.

I have loved home, making home and loving on the people I love for as long as I can remember.

The older I get the more I know…truly know…that loving on others and loving on my family is far better than a pretty home.

In this home you will find that art is made often, music is usually playing, a candle is burning, books are being read, the house is rarely really clean and I forget about dinner until around 4:30 each day.

More than anything I hope that our children remember how much they are deeply loved and accepted.

I hope they always carry with them their faith and how it will guide their steps all of their days.

I hope they will also know that a pretty house is nice but the people in that house are the best!

Welcome to our home.

Our whole family wishes you the most Merry Christmas!

I am so honored each time Jennifer Rizzo has asked me to be a part of her Holiday House Walk.

It is so much fun to be included with such a talented group of women that love family and making home comfortable and beautiful!

To begin the walk from the beginning click the icon below or go directly to Jennifer Rizzo.

If you are stopping over from Four Generations Under One Roof I am so glad you are here. Jessica and her family create such a gorgeous home!

Go grab something to drink and I hope you will take a moment to look around.

I decorate pretty simple for the holiday and over the years my Christmas bins have gotten fewer and fewer.

I really love to pull the outdoors in and use what is easily available out my front door.

We decorate our tree as a family and at least this year the ornaments seem to be scattered out evenly.

We have had many years where the tree almost fell over from having it too weighted from the front or they were all really low.

This year we are hoping for the tree to stay up!

Last year we made an Acts of Service Advent Tree and we all loved it.

This year we are also going to use it again because it really helped our days to be more focused on others and not just what we were hoping to receive.

I had to throw this shot in because I play my record player all day long. It is one of my favorite things and brings me oodles of joy.

This on the other hand brings my husband joy:-)

During my fall house tour I created a drink cart out of my IKEA art cart.

I loved it so much I decided to do it again but this time make it a permanent part of the living room at least through the holidays.

Just a peek into our library.  This is where we hold some of our books and the piano.

This is where my littlest loves to play on the floor and we all love it when the fire is going and it is toasty warm.

See that pillow?

That is from Craftberry Bush and her home is next!

We made the star our of twigs, tied them with string and strung copper lights from Anthro. It is truly one of my favorite pieces.

I use it year around all over the house.

The gorgeous Advent cards are from Naptime Diaries.

Go get yourself some twigs and twine and make yourself giddy happy.


For those of you that haven’t seen the kitchen since last year’s house walk I bet you can’t believe the difference.

We aren’t done yet but we are getting there. I hope we are getting there. Things take WAY long in this house to get finished. I like to say that we are fashionably late. Are you buying it?

You can read more about it here, here, here and here.

One of my favorite things to change up each month is our hanging paper roll.

This month was inspired by the art work found HERE.

Pretty much one of my favorite Christmas songs!  Beautiful and powerful song. THIS is one of my favorite versions.

This sign is from my dear friend House of Belonging.  It is always a little hard to put this one away each year.

This is my studio and where I create and tape many of my online courses.

I love that this room used to be our dinning room and it is so close to the rest of the house and my family.

That is not always true…but most of the time.

I am so excited to tell you why this tree doesn’t have an ornaments on it yet.

We just started Unwrapping The Greatest Gift and each night in December the kids will decorate the “Jesse Tree” with ornaments we printed out.

We already have placed the first ornament on during our first night of Advent.  It was thought provoking and meaningful.

I am excited to see what the Lord reveals to us over the next month.

I usually include more of our upstairs but I was taking photos the morning we were leaving for our Thanksgiving adventure trip and there was nothing up there you would want to see.

Please check out our previous Holiday House Walks so you will know that the bedrooms are cleaned every once in awhile!

Thank you so much for taking a look at out home all dressed up for Christmas.

Please come back again!

You are going to love, love the next home.

Have so much fun going through Lucy’s home at Craftberry Bush!

I would love to have you check out my creative network where I have over 35 free and paid for online courses.

It is truly a lifestyle network with courses about home, cooking, bee keeping, art and so much more!

Come on over…

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  1. paigeknudsen

    i’m coming to your home one of these days and we are making art…and hottie can make me a drink to enjoy while we make art…and your kiddos can play music and braid my hair ..and perhaps i’ll pierce my nose ( if you promise to get a tat, then we can be twinsies)

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  3. Laura

    Okay, it is official. I want to come over and drink coffee in your family room with my feet curled up! So perfectly welcoming! I too fell in love with Alice’s beautiful illustrations – and I literally sighed when I saw it printed on craft paper! Thank you so much for inviting us into your home once again!

  4. carissa fox

    fabulous Jeanne! i could look… and look… and come back and look again… :). i mean really! lots of goodness to see in each pic. inspiration packed! i too love how you brought the out in… it all looks so fresh & inviting! i want to curl up for a good chat & laugh… with a hot toddy in hand of course. yay for the handy & pretty bar cart!

  5. Cathy G.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE all your decor!!!!! and I WANT your kitchen!!!!!!! Love that island!!!!! Merry Merry Christmas friend!!!!

  6. judywise

    Oh my gosh. Your home is stunning and it’s obviously a work of love. Thank you for the dreamy photos. Your taste is impeccable.

  7. Rachel

    Love it all. When you have a gorgeous backdrop less is more when you decorate for Christmas. It’s just perfect.

  8. Alice Wingerden

    OH my goodness! YOU are the bee’s knees 😉 as is your home. Love every detail and am completely floored and honored that my little village made it into it! Ahh! I seriously love your entire home and would really like if I could move in with you…hehe 🙂 Thank you again and for the shout out! You’re a doll.

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  10. laura@top this top that

    this may sound goofy but I always feel ‘home’ everytime I visit your beautiful place. You are such a gifted and talented artist. Your home is perfectly decorated for the season. Happy Holidays!

  11. kampysgirl

    Stunning Jeanne! just as I envisioned it! I would love to see more of your studio! Blessings~

  12. Diva Kreszl

    Thank you for sharing your lovely home with us, it felt as if I were visiting and and sharing a cup of tea. I read your emails and visit your site and always enjoy what you share, I seldom take the time to comment but I really wanted you to know how much seeing you in my inbox means to me. Your home is as beautiful and as comfortable as you appear in your videos, a true reflection of yourself and the love you pour out on your family. May you and your family be always surrounded by God’s love and may your blessings be many!

  13. Robbie Zeller

    Your home is so cozy and lovely! It is your first paragraph that completely encouraged me
    . You communicated my heart perfectly about the desires for our home! Thanks!

  14. dannylion

    My favorite picture is of you…. Decorations are gorgeous of course – that goes without saying… but the picture of you – is magnificent! You exude the inner beauty of your soul. Plain and simply put – you are phenomenal – that picture steals the show!!!!!!

  15. lissa

    You know how much I adore your talent in art, decorating, blogging, everything, ugh. 😉 I admire you friend.

  16. Leigh Anne

    Hi Jeanne– Your home is gorgeous! Can you share the sagey green wall color in your living room? It is exactly the color I am looking for. Thank you!

  17. Rebecca Turner

    Beautiful home, and holiday decorating! Your warm style speaks to my own. I love a home that combines practical and rustic elements with a little bling (the chandelier for example) and I appreciate your use of natural green elements for a holiday style that is not overdone. Well done!

  18. Jen

    I always love visiting your home, your style & authenticity shines through & makes us feel like we are actually spending time in your home. I love your heart friend! Happy Holidays to you & your beautiful family! XOXO Jen

  19. Brooke

    You’re home is so lovely! The flowery fabric on the throw pillows on the couch looks like the perfect vintage upholstery fabric. I have been looking for something exactly like that. It’s so pretty! Is it vintage? Or available now? Beautiful home!

  20. Nicki @ T-shirt & Jeans

    I am dying over your mantel-it is so fun! Neat to see Alice’s work interpreted in a different way than on her mantel. I just love your overall style and the character of your home, and I really appreciate your intro words (it makes me feel better about not thinking about dinner until 4:30 too). Thanks for the inspiration! Pinning 🙂

  21. Vanessa

    I’m on my way over to listen to those amazing albums and have a cocktail! 😉 Everything is truly beautiful Jeanne and that mantel art is amazing! So thrilled to be part of the housewalk with you!

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  23. tiffini

    i LOOOOOVE you and your home!
    i SO agree with paige…i laughed out loud but seriously i really do want a tattoo
    i love every.single.thing
    i love your heart..i’ve said it before i know but true
    thank you for being you and living the life your were born to live
    you are so brave…xoxo

  24. Christina Sitton

    Beautiful !!!! Love it all so comfortable and cozy feeling. May I ask where the Merry Christmas garland on the mantel is from? I adore it ????

  25. Lory at Designthusiasm.com

    Jeanne, I can’t say enough about how much I loved your tour, both the spirit and the substance of it. By far one of my favorite stops on the tour. I actually just accidentally wandered into the tour, not knowing anything about it (I’m relatively new to blogging) and I’ve been relaxing and making my way through many of the stops. Just love so many of your details as well as the big picture. I could go on and on. Delighted to have found your blog and will be looking forward to seeing more of what you post.

    Lory at Designthusiasm

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  28. maryjo materazo

    love so much about your home tour that’s there too much to mention. i’ll be back to your blog for sure. love your home! it’s so real. enjoy the season! xo- mj

  29. Donna

    Wow. SO much goodness to see in every picture. I’m going to have to review it all again. Love so many things about your decor and your many sweet touches. Love the table setting, the “Merry Christmas” swag over your fireplace, the curtain under your sink, stockings on the railing…too much to name! Such a treat!

  30. Jane P

    not only is your home gorgeous…you send a wonderful message and a reminder of what matters most.

    Happy Holidays to you and your family

  31. pixiedustanddaydreams

    Enjoyed “visiting” your home. Very lovely. I especially love the collage of pictures and objects on the wall of the stairs. The auburn color of your hair really suits you!

  32. Dagmar Obert

    Your sense of loving others and the focus on service is just beautiful and permeates what you do, from bringing in the outdoors in beauty to intentional focus on others. I’ve enjoyed how you used grey in your home. The coolest idea I’ve heard in a long time, is putting up the tree and then adding an ornament a day. I’d like hear more about that! It would be an advent type thing but instead of counting down , it is an adding on or building up. Just makes all of your adornments that much more lovely in thinking of others. Thank you so much for doing the House-walk. Great inspiration.

  33. Nicole H

    I have a question about the hanging paper roll. Did you buy the hardware to hang it separately, or was it part of a kit? And either way, where did you find it?

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