Meet Stephanie Lee

I am a professional artist, workshop instructor, and creativity encourager and I believe that we each have a vein of potent curiosity that enables us to “figure it out”. Figure out how to live in a way that feels most true, how to make what we see as beautiful, how to transmute challenges into strength, and how to feel alive and purposeful and connected. I know that creativity shows up with as many variations as there are colors in nature and my job (and joy) is to help you figure out your singular, creative voice. Because many artist struggle with making art they feel best expresses what they want it to, I create art and courses to give your radiant and beautiful voice a way to shine. I bring all that I am – homesteader, food preserver, speaker, wife/mom/grandma, loyal friend, outdoor enthusiast, wannabe athlete, and master mess-maker – to the classrooms where I teach, both brick + mortar and virtual. On my less-messy days, I stand in front of audiences creating art with my words, to bring each listener into a place of solid, fiery confidence in their own creative adventures.

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