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Welcome to our new creative network! This has been a labor of love and we are so honored you are here. You are the heart of this network and the whole reason we wanted to create such a beautiful online art school.

This network is a creative community that has been designed to inspire, encourage and connect you with the art all around and within you.

We have created a beautiful and inspiring space where we can come together but also provide easily accessible and affordable online workshops. A place where there would be no more excuses.

This gathering place is for art + lifestyle workshops no matter your experience level. Let’s give ourselves the permission to be amateurs and the gift of practice.

Being a creative person and living a creative life has far less to do with perfect art and more with being present and showing up.

Let’s start where we are, with what we have and make the whole world our studio.

-Jeanne Oliver

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What’s Happening!

Happy March! My biggest news to share with you is that my first book, The Painted Art Journal, has just become available for pre-order!  Come and read all about it and we will be celebrating more very soon!

My first online workshop of the year, Wandering Muse, started a few weeks ago and the work coming out of the course is blowing me away. This course all about loose sketches and clay and metal sculptures and it is just plain FUN! I would be honored to have you join us.

If your patience is more like mine you will love that Rae Missigman has just launched an instantly available mini-course all about letting your word of the year guide your art. Come and begin A Guiding Word.

We also have two more brand new course beginning THIS month!  Create custom jewelry with artist Amy Hanna or dive into watercolor play with Danielle Donaldson. Come and read more about Get Your Badge On and Wild Blue Yonder.

We have opened registration for many of our live workshops in our studio for 2018 and they are filling up fast. If you want to have an art experience this year on our land, home and studio please see if one of the experiences is calling to you.

I really wanted to make this year different for me with my creating and that is why I created the free Facebook group Series 52. This series was created out of a desire to create a body of work in 2018 that was just for me. Maybe you would like the same thing and this group is to motivate, inspire and encourage you through the year as you create. Creating a body of work has always pushed me as an artist and revealed more about who I am and where I want to go with my art. I hope you will join me and discover something new about yourself and your art too. 

This group has been created to allow a place to share the work you are creating and to cheer each other on as we create 52 pieces of art by the end of the year and to no doubt be stronger and more focused artists.

This series is not based upon a course or any one teacher. This series is about each one of us and showing up in our creativity.

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Mixed Media Magic

Alena Hennessy’s first online course here at JeanneOliver.com goes live on April 9, 2018. Now available to join!
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New & Instant

Wild Blue Yonder | Danielle Donaldson

Course is Instant Access! No Waiting, love that!

Wild Blue Yonder

Join Danielle Donaldson's course of 2018. Learn to illustrate and watercolor a detailed scene filled with billowing clouds, bitty birds in flight, paper airplanes carrying top-secret messages, radiant sunshine, and dreamy rainbows.
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New & Instant

Wandering Muse | Jeanne Oliver

Course is Instant Access! No Waiting, love that!

Wandering Muse | Sketching, Sculpting and Metalwork

Join Jeanne now in her 1st online course of 2018! The Course is ready for you with over 8+ hours of content and 26 Lessons. Join in with immediate access to the full course and Facebook Group.
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New & Instant!

A Guiding Word | Rae Missigman

Course is Instant Access! No Waiting, love that!

A Guiding Word with Rae Missigman

Go from Start to Inspired. Confidently add your favorite colors onto the canvas while mastering tips to quickly layer color and texture creating a background that’s beautiful on its own. Creating Art Marks and Mono Printing Techniques to add personality to the canvas. Instant Access!
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New & Instant

Get Your Badge On | Amy Hanna

Course is Instant Access! No Waiting, love that!

Get Your Badge On

Amy Hanna’s first online course here at JeanneOliver.com. Whimsical way of mixing delicate finds with forgotten treasures. Mixing your elements to create one of kind gifts and unique wearable art pieces.

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Below, we have answered your most frequently asked questions.  If you have questions that are not listed click the contact button below. For your convenience, this page is linked on every course and lesson page.

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