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Create Your Own French Picnic Baskets | Video + Ebook

    Gathering others is one of the sweetest gifts. So, whether your heart is to bless your family, celebrate a friend’s birthday or incorporate more intention in your own workshops I hope our French Picnic Baskets become part of how you love on others.         Download our FREE French Picnic Baskets Ebook HERE.   Join me on Friday for another video about how to create beautiful and repeatable events.

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For All of You Small Business Owners | How to connect with your customers and get creative with your sales!

Yesterday I was getting so many emails and private messages from small business owners worried about all of closures with Corona and wondering how to keep their businesses alive during this very unexpected time. I hope this video gives you new ideas how to connect with those that already love what you offer, opens up your following to new customers and inspires new creative ideas in how to offer your product, service or experience to your people in new and …

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Creativity Takes Courage | Interview with Shannan Martin About Her New Book FALLING FREE

For those of you that are new to the blog I want to tell you a little bit about the free series. My creative network offers free videos, new online courses, live “chats” and now interviews with courageous lovelies from around the world. Over the past three years I have had the opportunity to interview some of my favorite creative women and business owners. You can see the talented list of interviewees over on my creative network under Creativity Takes …

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The Living Studio Video Series {With Jane Davenport}

We have a new video for the Living Studio Video Series! The free series that is all about your favorite artists sharing how they create wherever they go. The first video of 2016 is with the amazing Jane Davenport! Jane “Danger” Davenport is an internationally recognized and licensed artist, best-selling author, prize-winning photographer and popular workshop instructor. Jane started her creative career as a fashion illustrator and the evidence of her Parisian training lingers in her elongated figures and whimsically …

The Details

The Ellison camera bags are back!! I wanted to give you a better idea of all the little details of the bag. These are selling quickly and I recommend not waiting too long if you want one. {The camera bag is a dark grey and the video makes it look more blue than it actually is.  The photos in the shop are accurate} Before you play the video please pause my music player. If you want to watch it in …

Quick Video {and happy weekend}

Just a quick, silly video. Please pause the music before you play the video. Untitled from Jeanne Oliver on Vimeo. The summer collection will be available on Monday morning 8am EST. Happy Weekend!!!  

Video {Art Supply Basics}

Hello everyone! I am excited because today I am sharing with you my first video. Let me clarify….I did a really awesome one and the sound was bad. I did a second one and it was OK but the sound was also jacked up. I made a third as the the sun was going down, I was sick of the sound of my own voice and I was already tired of what I was saying and that is the one …