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Weekend Plans

    I am excited to fly to California, spend time with my friend Kasey and take part in a fun and girly day. I know I will be inspired by amazingly talented and creative women.  I can't wait to show you the pictures and share the stories.  I also have more new goodies that I will be adding to my site next week.  See you after the weekend. 

Started With a Birthday and Ended With a Tic Tac

This past weekend was packed with activities.  We started the weekend with Madolyn's 6th birthday party on  Friday night.  All the girls (and their moms) met at the movie theater to see High School Musical (hence the HSM music on the blog….it will be gone soon:-)).  They loved it and so did we.  We then headed back to our house for karaoke, cake, presents etc.                  Saturday was Madolyn's actual birthday.  She opened all …

The Shop is Full

I spent most of this past weekend getting things ready to put on my site.   I have so many more things that I will be adding this week.  Keep checking back!  I would also like to do a little give away.  Visit the site, let me know what you like and I will do a drawing at the end of the week for one of my aprons!        

Moms Need Sick Days Too

Today is a day that I wish I could call in sick….but I am a stay at home mom and there is no one available to take my place:-( Mom, could you drive from Illinois today and watch my kids?  Ok.  It is very clear.  I do not get a day off to sleep!  I feel like my head is going to explode… it possible to overdose on vitamin C?  Just checking.

Ten Years and Counting

10 1/2 years ago I watched a man walk into a bar and whispered to my friends, " I would like you to meet my future husband".  Six months later we were married, two years later we had our first of three children and now ten years after saying "I do" I would say it all over again.  I have the life I have always dreamed of.  I have the beautiful material things of life, but that is not what I am talking about.  I …

Southern Hospitality

    I am so sorry about my stretch between posts!  I never go anywhere and I have been taking little trips like crazy these past weeks.  I recently got back from a girls weekend in Savannah, Georgia.  I met one of my friends that lives in DC and we had a great time.  The city is gorgeous and it is filled with so many amazing architectural details.  It is so refreshing to see so much character everywhere you look.  We …