I Would Like You To Meet….

I wanted to introduce you to a boutique shop owner in Iowa.  Tricia is the owner of Backyard Candle Company.  She carries so many different items and really carries a lot of items from individuals like myself.  I love that I am seeing handmade items in more and more shops these days.  Tricia is also a creator herself….she makes amazing candles.  That is really why I wanted to write about her.  I placed an order with her and received not …

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope each of you had a wonderful day today relaxing at home, celebrating with friends and family or just enjoying the day by yourself.  We had the most relaxing Thanksgiving I can remember.  Most of us stayed in our pajamas all day.  Makes getting ready for bed tonight pretty easy!  I have had a corneal ulcer for the past eight days and my vision has been greatly affected.  We were supposed to go skiing for the weekend and my eye changed …

Take A Peek

I am so excited to now be offering the Bella apron for little girls and a new line of tea towels.  Let me know what you think.  These are all ready to be shipped and more will be added in the New Year.  Just click here to order your own.    

Look What We Have

The shop is beginning to fill up for Christmas.  I have many things on sale right now and new items being added daily.  I have many new fabric items that will be added this week.  Thanks so much for looking and happy shopping!  

I Heart Handmade

Christmas is just right around the corner and I have decided to only buy handmade for friends and family this year.  There are so many talented and creative people out there….why not support them and bless the people I love at the same time. I may spend a little more but I will be giving a unique gift.  Will you join me?  Here are some yummy items off of Etsy that I have had my eye on.  Mom…don't look:-)   Oatmeal Drop Stich …

Pre-Thanksgiving Sale

Come on over here and shop early for Christmas with my Pre-Thanksgiving Sale.  EVERY fabric item has been marked down.  The sale will only last until Thanksgiving.  I also have new items arriving next week.  Check back often.  I have so many new items that I can't wait to show you!!!    

The Wonder of the Cross

My little Madolyn has been dancing since she was three.  She is now the ripe old age of six.  She took three years of ballet and later added tap to her class.  I have seen three ballet recitals.  This year she decided she didn't want to dance anymore.  I was so surprised because this child HAS to be dancing.  She dances anywhere we go where music is playing.  She has asked me since she has been two when does she …

And The Winner Is…….

I know I am VERY overdue for the little giveaway of mine.  I made my daughter remind me to draw a name…she is six.  It is extremely sad how my brain does not work as well as it used to.  So without further ado I wanted to say congrats to Nicoleigh…..please take a bow and your apron.  As soon as I get your address Miss. Nicoleigh I will put this beauty in the mail to you….

Comfortable In My Own Skin

One of my good friends called me to meet.  She was ready and I said that I could be ready in five minutes.  It was 2:00 on Sunday and I was still in my pajamas.  I raced upstairs, put a hat on my head, perfume (just like a shower…right?), changed clothes, splashed a little makeup on and I was ready.  It really was FIVE minutes.  I'm not saying I looked perfect, but this would have never happened at 16.  At …

Big Boy

Isn't it just heartbreaking sometimes to be a mom?  My youngest one is two.  My husband wanted to take all the children to a huge ski show in Denver.  I was fine about the two older ones, but I thought bringing the youngest would be too much…..would they watch him….ok, you get the idea.  After three children my husband knows that I am a little bit of a freak about the kids when they are little.  When Benjamin started to …

It Smells Like Christmas

  We were invited to a friend's home for dinner last night and we wanted to bring a dessert.  The children and I decided to make an apple crisp.  We peeled, sliced, zested, stirred, dumped and sprinkled.  As the children were stirring the apples with the nutmeg, cinnamon, orange zest, lemon zest, lemon juice, orange juice and sugar they kept on smelling it.  I did tell them to keep their hair out of it……no one wants that.  They both were …

She Is Grateful

While I was at the Heather Bullard Parisian Soiree I had the pleasure of meeting Beth Quinn and purchasing one of her beautiful necklaces.  I loved this one because it says "She Is Grateful' and that is exactly how I feel.  I feel so grateful about so many areas in my life.  Grateful for Family                             Friends                        Health                                             My business Jack                    Madolyn                    Benjamin                 Kelly               My customers                                Creativity            Inspirations                                                   FAITH      

Parisian Soiree

OK…it is official….I need a new camera and to learn photoshop.  Please check out Sara's site for some amazing photos of the party.

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Did I Just Go To Europe?

    Isn't this amazing? Heather Bullard could not have chosen a more beautiful location for her Parisian Soiree than The Mission Inn.  The architectural detail was phenomenal.  You truly felt like you were in Europe.  There was a wedding going on in the chapel while we were there.  After the ceremony the couple walked out of the chapel to a beautiful fountain in the courtyard.  What a blessed couple to start their marriage in such a romantic location.  I …

Fall Fun

Who doesn't love fall?  The air cools down, the leaves turn amazing colors, pumpkin patches,  fresh apples and the crunch of leaves under your feet.  It is also such a fun time for the children….   We got together with friends and all the kids made pumpkins.  My friend, Julie, made the coolest Halloween snacks.   We had a great time carving our pumpkins and later roasting the seeds.  I don't think I will ever get too old for this activity. …