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The November Round-Up | Free Beauty Found on the Internet

I am constantly in awe of the beauty that is there if you have your eyes open to it. Sometimes it will be the little things like digging for vintage treasures with dear friends, foraging in the woods, building the first fire of the season in the studio, and the beauty of paint-covered hands. Sometimes you will even find beauty on the internet. I found so many beautiful little treasures on the internet this past month and I wanted to …

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Love Letters From Trail Makers

How would you like to get encouragement sent right to your inbox for the month of February?   I want to share a sweet gathering (that is free) that I have been asked to be a part of and I love the idea and heart of this offering.     For over a decade, we (Meghan and Jamie) have been pouring our creative hearts into the online world. We each began our journey with the intention of bringing to life our own …

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Are You Open About Who Inspires You?

I don’t know where it came from. This idea that everything you do must be 100% original and you must pull it out from the depths of your being.  It isn’t really you, good, original, authentic…unless you create something that has never been made or done before. Can we just be real for a moment? We all inspire and encourage one another even if you don’t realize it. We can be inspired by magazines, movies, music, friends, paintings, museums, travel, …

Ramblings on a Wednesday Afternoon

I hope you are all having a great day. We spent the day at the creek doing school with my sister and her children. It is one of our favorite back to school activities that we do each year. There is something so peaceful and magical about the grassy hills, creek, huge trees and an empty park. We almost had the whole play to ourselves. Today I just wanted to ramble a bit (if you have ever met me in …

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Basement Inspiration

If you guys are like us at all you have lots of plans for your home and either not enough time or money (or both) to make them a reality. We moved into our home a little over 10 years ago. We had worked with a semi-custom builder but there were many things we could not include in our home and they are still not done. In our crazy heads we imagined our basement finished within a few years of …

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Lover Of Words

As we are putting the final touches on the new course I wanted to share some of the quotes that we will be sharing. I love including words in my art and it is so fun to put these together for the courses. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do. Enjoy your weekend. And for those of you ready to grow your business or learn how to start…..I will see you on Monday afternoon.

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Shut The Front Door

I can’t even stand how gorgeous weddings have become! So personal, intimate, special and full of sweet details. I loved our wedding. I truly believe it was so many of those things. But, if I could do it again (with the same man of course) I can’t imagine how fun it would be. Here  are some dresses that make me swoon….               What about you? What is inspiring you about weddings these days? All …